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An urban district (Danish: bydel; lit. "city part") is the name used for urban or municipality districts in some of the larger municipalities of Denmark. The term is not strictly defined, but is usually bigger than a quarter or a city block.

Administrative districts in the Copenhagen Municipality 2007-

Districts of Copenhagen[edit] Main article: Districts of Copenhagen There are 10 urban districts in Copenhagen, each with a local city council (Danish: lokaludvalg). The districts are Indre By, Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Amager Øst, Amager Vest, Valby, Bispebjerg, Vanløse, and Brønshøj-Husum. Vesterbro and Kongens Enghave have separate local councils and Indre By has a local council from Christianshavn as well, so there are 12 local city councils.[1][2] Districts of Aahus[edit] Aarhus is divided into several districts and suburbs with its own postal code (Danish: postdistrikter). Districts (boroughs) inside the 2nd city beltway:

Aarhus C Aarhus N Aarhus V Aarhus S Åbyhøj Viby Brabrand


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