Twitter may suspend accounts, temporarily or permanently, from their social networking service. Suspensions of high-profile individuals from Twitter are unusual but when it happens this is often reported in the press.[1]


Users who are permanently suspended from Twitter are not told which of their tweets were the cause, only that their accounts will not be restored, and which of Twitter's rules the company says were violated.[2] In addition to community guideline policy decisions, the Twitter DMCA and spam detection systems are sometimes abused to force a user's suspension.[3]


In September 2017, Twitter responded to calls[4] to suspend Donald Trump's account, clarifying that they will not do so as his tweets are "newsworthy".[5]

In October 2017, Twitter posted a calendar of upcoming changes related to enforcement. Among other things, Twitter promised to provide "a better experience for Suspension Appeals," including a detailed description to the user of how a suspended account violated the rules.[6]

In November 2017, Twitter gave a December 18 deadline to enforce the policy, "You also may not affiliate with organizations that—whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform—use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes."[7] On December 18, the accounts of several high-profile organizations were suspended.[8]

List of notable suspensions

Individual Description Date Duration Notes


Courtney Love Musician and actress July 2011 During case Account suspended after Love filed a defamation suit against Twitter. Love now uses a new account.[9][10]
Guy Adams Journalist July 2012 Temporary Temporarily suspended for publishing the email address of an NBC executive during the 2012 Olympics; Twitter later apologized to Adams.[11]
Al Qassam Brigade Military wing of Hamas January 2014 Moved to new accounts Unknown[12]
Phil Mason ("Thunderf00t") Atheist and anti-feminist vlogger September 2014 Temporary Use of abusive language towards Anita Sarkeesian.[13]
Godless Spellchecker Atheist blogger and podcaster January 2015 Temporary Repeatedly suspended for alleged targeted abuse or harassment.[14]
George Zimmerman Known for being acquitted of murder December 2015 Permanent Posting tweets containing revenge porn.[15]
Chuck Johnson Alt-right blogger May 2015 Permanent Banned for making violent threats towards activist DeRay Mckesson.[16][17] In January 2018, Johnson filed a lawsuit claiming that Twitter banned him for his political views, violating his right to free speech, and seeking millions of dollars for alleged damage to his media businesses.[18]


Iyad El-Baghdadi Arab Spring activist January 2016 Temporary Mistaken for Islamist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by Twitter staff[19]
Robert Stacy McCain Anti-feminist writer February 2016 Permanent Participating in targeted abuse.[20]
Abu Obeida Hamas spokesperson April 2016 Moved to new accounts Unknown.[21]
Azealia Banks Rapper May 2016 Permanent Suspended after making racist posts towards singer Zayn Malik.[22]
Milo Yiannopoulos Conservative activist July 2016 Permanent Banned for inciting abuse against actress Leslie Jones.[23][24][25]
David Duke White supremacist August 2016 Temporary Association with the Unite the Right rally[26]
"Guccifer 2.0" Hacking group or individual August 2016 Temporary Posting hacked information from the Democratic National Committee[27]
PewDiePie YouTuber September 2016 Temporary Temporarily suspended for pretending to be a member of ISIL.[28]
Various "alt-right" accounts November 2016 Permanent Including accounts of National Policy Institute, Radix Journal, Ricky Vaughn, John Rivers, and others; banned for violating Twitter's policy prohibiting users from "inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others."[29][30]
Tila Tequila Social media personality November 2016 Permanent Making neo-Nazi posts, including a photo of herself and other attendees rendering a Nazi salute at an event of the white nationalist National Policy Institute.[31]
Richard Spencer Alt-right leader November - December 2016 Temporary Allegedly for using multiple overlapping accounts.[29][32]


Martin Shkreli Investor January 2017 Permanent Suspended for sexual harassment of journalist Lauren Duca.[33][34][35][36]
Victoria Fierce Developer February 2017 Temporary Swearing at Mike Pence[37]
Mocha Uson Entertainer and Rodrigo Duterte supporter March 2017 Temporary Unknown[38][39]
Abhijeet Bhattacharya Singer May 2017 Temporary Harassing women including activist Shehla Rashid[40]
Al Jazeera Arabic News service June 2017 Temporary Unknown[41]
Daniel Sieradski American writer and activist[42] June 8, 2017 Permanent Unknown, Sieradski believes he was suspended for threatening violence against Baked Alaska, or for arguing with Courtney Love about Linda Sarsour.[43]
Ken 'Popehat' White' Legal blogger August 2017 Temporary Posting personal information in screen shots of threats received.[44]
Joseph Cox Journalist for The Daily Beast August 2017 Temporary Targeted by bots after writing story about suspicious activity by pro-Kremlin bots.[45]
@nemuismywife Japanese man August 2017 Uses new account Account permanently suspended for making death threat against a mosquito. The man started a new account.[46][47]
Alex Boivin Tiger enthusiast August 2017 Temporary Suspended for sexual harassment of the cereal mascot Tony the Tiger[48][49]
Elizabeth Johnston Christian blogger August 2017 Temporary Attacking Teen Vogue's article on anal sex[50][51]
@themoodforluv American woman September 2017 Permanent Harassment of Taylor Swift.[52]
Kamaal Rashid Khan Actor and film critic October 2017 Uses new account After ban, Khan announced his intention to take legal action against Twitter; later created new account.[53][54]
Rose McGowan Activist and actress October 2017 Temporary Account temporarily suspended for posting a private phone number.[55][56]
Roger Stone Political consultant October 2017 Permanent Banned for harassment of CNN journalists.[57] Stone announced legal action against Twitter would follow.[58]
Donald Trump US President November 2017 Temporary Account briefly deactivated by a rogue Twitter employee on their last workday[59]
"Jenna Abrams" Alt-right blogger November 2017 Permanent Unmasked as a fictitious person operated by a Russian troll factory.[60]
Robert Delaware American man November 2017 Temporary Mistaken for a Russian troll account.[61]
2,752 Russian troll accounts November 2017 Permanent Twitter's internal investigation linked the following accounts to Russia's Internet Research Agency[62]
Baked Alaska Alt-right activist November 2017 Permanent 'repeated and/or or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone'[63]
Talib Kweli Musician November 2017 Temporary Account locked after posting business address of online harasser who posted threats and racist slurs; restored after he deleted the tweet. The account of the harasser, extremist attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke, was suspended.[64]
Pakistan Defence Forum Forum for discussing Pakistan's armed forces November 2017 Unknown Suspended for posting doctored photo and fake news[65]
Wael Abbas Egyptian journalist, blogger, and human rights activist December 2017 Unknown Unknown[66]
Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen Leader and deputy leader of ultranationalists Britain First 18 December 2017 Permanent Contravention of new rule for against people 'that affiliate with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes'.[67] The organisation was notorious for having fake hate videos being re-tweeted by Donald Trump.[68]
American Nazi Party American Nazis 18 December 2017 Permanent Affiliation with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes[67]
Jared Taylor and American Renaissance

Michael Hill and League of the South

Traditionalist Worker Party

American white nationalists 18 December 2017 Permanent Affiliation with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes[67]
Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic white nationalists December 2017 Permanent Affiliation with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes[69]
James Allsup December 2017 Unknown Unknown[70]
Tyler Barriss (SWAuTistic) Suspect in deadly "SWATting" prank December 2017 Unknown Account suspended after Los Angeles police arrested Barriss as the suspected "swatter" who claimed responsibility for placing a fake 911 call that led an officer to kill an innocent man in Wichita, Kansas.[71]


David Clarke Former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin 2 January 2018 Temporary Temporarily suspended for three posts that appeared to encourage violence against the media, including one tweet stating "Punch them in the nose & MAKE THEM TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD." Suspension lifted after Clarke deleted the posts.[72][73]
Golden Dawn Greek ultranationalist party 5 January 2018 Permanent Broadening of hateful conduct policy on encompass incitement to violence[74]
Paul Nehlen Congressional candidate challenging Speaker Paul Ryan in Republican primary 13 February 2018 Permanent Banned after posting racist tweet targeting Meghan Markle.[75]
Tommy Robinson British nationalist 28 March 2018 Permanent Hateful content.[76]
Owen Benjamin Comedian 5 April 2018 Permanent Offensive tweets directed at David Hogg.[77]

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