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Tukabatchee or Tuckabutche (Creek: Tokepahce [1]) is one of the four mother towns of the Muscogee
Creek confederacy.[2] The pre-removal tribal town was located on the Tallapoosa River
Tallapoosa River
in the present-day state of Alabama. The town is believed to be the first site of the ancient 'busk' fire which began the Green Corn Ceremony. Tukabatchee was the home of Big Warrior, one of the two principal chiefs of the Creeks until his death in 1826. Chief Opothleyahola
was born here in 1780.[3] In 1811 Tecumseh
and Tenskwatawa
(better known as the Prophet) addressed Creek leaders in the Tukabatchee town square. Tecumseh
was so disappointed in Big Warrior's response at the end of his speech against American expansion that he said upon reaching Chalagawtha the Prophet would "...stamp his foot and all of Tuckabatchee's cabins would fall." The town was leveled by the New Madrid earthquake a month later.[citation needed] During the Creek War
Creek War
in 1813, Red Stick rebels surrounded the town. The siege was lifted by Creeks from the nearby town of Cusseta. Notes[edit]

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Creek Confederacy

Four mother towns

Abihka Coweta Kasihta Tukabatchee

Groups and towns

Alabama Apalachicola Coushatta Eufaula Fowltown (four locations) Hitchiti Miccosukee Muklassa Muscogee Okchai Okfuskee Pensacola Tallapoosa

Federally recognized tribes

Alabama- Coushatta Tribe of Texas Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Town Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Kialegee Tribal Town Muscogee
(Creek) Nation Poarch Band of Creek Indians Thlopthlocco Tribal Town

Leaders (all with white fathers)

Francis the Prophet Menawa Neamathla William McIntosh Peter McQueen William Weatherford


Alabama Apalachee Creek-Seminole Hitchiti Koasati Mikasuki


Religion Four Mothers Society Green Corn Ceremony Stomp dance College of the Muscogee


Mississippian culture Pisgah Phase Etowah Moundville Long Swamp Site Chiaha Leon-Jefferson culture Battle of Taliwa State of Muskogee Red Sticks Red Stick War (Creek civil war) Fowltown Trail of Tears Creek War
Creek War
of 1836 Creek National Capitol Crazy Snake Rebellion

Politics and law

Treaty of New York (1790) Treaty of Washington (1826) Indian Removal Act Treaty of Cusseta Oklahoma Tax Commission v. United States

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