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is a city and Grade I municipality[2] in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of Cooum river
Cooum river
about 46 km (29 mi) from downtown Chennai
(Madras), in the western part of the Chennai
Metropolitan Area (CMA). It is the administrative headquarters of Tiruvallur
district. The city is known for the Veera Raghavar temple, one of the 108 sacred shrines of Vaishnavites. The tank festival is held at a pond near this temple. A Siva temple near this shrine which is popular among the locals. There is also a 40-foot (12 m) tall Viswaroopa Panchamukha Hanuman
temple, where the murti is made of a single green granite stone. Poondi reservoir, from which drinking water is drawn to Chennai
city, is about 9 km (5.6 mi) from Tiruvallur. The neighborhood is served by Tiruvallur railway station of the Chennai
Suburban Railway Network. As of 2016, the city had a population of 176,435. It is one of the fast-developing suburbs of Chennai.


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Etymology[edit] The name Tiruvallur
is supposedly derived from the Tamil sentence tiru evvull? – Tiru meaning god, a common prefix in South India
for temple towns, and evvull meaning where do I sleep?. Tiruvallur
is said to mean a place or town where the god Veera Raghavar asked a saint for a place to sleep for a night.[citation needed][according to whom?] In one telling of the story, a rishi (sage) named Saalihothirar came down from Badrinath, now in Uttaranchal State, and settled in this place in order to reach Paramapadam (the abode of Lord Mahavisnu). He bathed in Hiruthaapanasana Theertham and started the vow of silence (mouna viratham) for one year. Daily he collected rice and after a year of fasting, he purified and cooked the rice, offering some to God (Naivedhyam) and duly kept the rest for himself. He waited for a guest, probably a muni or rishi, so that he could invite him to eat and end his fasting. At that time the God Narayana, intending to test the devotion of the rishi, came there as an old muni looking very hungry and thirsty. On seeing him, Saalihothirar greeted him and offered a portion of the rice he had kept for himself, but Narayana wanted the entire quantity of rice. Saalihothirar was very happy to give all of the food to his guest, starving himself. After eating the food, Narayana asked, "where do I sleep?" (Tamil: Ev-uL-uRangalAm). Saalihothirar asked him to sleep in his own hut.[citation needed] History[edit] In the far past, this region was under a chain of regimes commencing from the Pallavas during the 7th century. In 1687, the Golkonda rulers were defeated and the region came under the Moghul emperors of Delhi. The towns and villages of this region were the scene of Carnatic wars. Battles are said to have been fought in this region during the struggle for supremacy between the English and French. The town of Pulicat was the earliest Dutch possession in India, founded in 1609; it was ceded to the British in 1825. British rule continued until India's independence in 1947. Politics[edit]

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assembly constituency is part of Tiruvallur
(Lok Sabha constituency). It is represented by:[3]

Lok Sabha Constituency elected member – Dr.P.Venugopal of AIADMK[expand acronym] Tiruvallur
Assembly Constituency elected member – Mr.V.G. Rajendran of DMK[expand acronym] Tiruvallur
Chairman – Mr Commando A Baskaran a.k.a. A Baskaran of AIADMK.[4]

Currently[when?] Baskaran is the AIADMK candidate for Tiruvallur constituency in the Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu
May 2016 Assembly Elections.[5][needs update] Demographics[edit]

Religious census

















No religion


According to the 2011 census, Thiruvallur
had a population of 176,435 with a sex-ratio of 999 females for every 1,000 males, above the national average of 929.[6] A total of 5,627 were under the age of six, constituting 2,904 males and 2,723 females. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for 19% and 0.6% of the population, respectively. The literacy rate of the city was 79.77%, compared to the national average of 72.99%.[6] The city had a total of 14,004 households. There were a total of 20,229 workers, comprising 149 cultivators, 250 main agricultural labourers, 276 in household industries, 16,927 other workers, 2,627 marginal workers, 30 marginal cultivators, 157 marginal agricultural labourers, 267 marginal workers in household industries and 2,173 other marginal workers.[7] As per the religious census of 2011, Thiruvallur
had 86.45% Hindus, 5.88% Muslims, 6.17% Christians, 0.02% Sikhs, 0.02% Buddhists, 0.35% Jains, 1.12% following other religions and 0.0% following no religion or with no religious preference.[8] Places of worship[edit]

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Temple and Tank at Trivaloor, South India

Veera Raghavar temple – a place of worship for Lord Vishnu as Veera Raghavar, an aspect of the deity known for curing abilities. In this temple people offer symbols, small metal sheets with a specific anatomical organ engraved, as a request to cure the illness or problems associated with that organ. Sri maha ruthra kali amman Temple – behind the town bus stand, VS Nager, Tiruvallur
Town Sri Prathiyangira Devi Temple – next to A B S Vidhya Mandhir School, Tiruvallur Thiruvallur
Jamia Masjid – Mohamad Ali Street, MGM Nagar, Tiruvallur Masjide Fathah – Pathiyal Pettai, Pungathur, SP Nagar, Tiruvallur Sri Shiva – a Vishnu Temple in Poonganagar, about 2.5 km (2 mi) from Thirvallur town. Both Lord Shiva
and Lord Vishnu (as Sri Pushavaneshwarar and Sri Jalanarayanar idols) are represented here. The Jala Narayanar is a smaller replica of the Budhanilkantha Temple in Nepal. Dhakshinamurthy Temple and Sri Nageshwari Devalaym temples – located nearby in Kakkalur Village. Sri Mangaleeswarar with Magaleeswari temple – a Siva temple located at Manavala Nagar, known for the sun worship at the next day of Maha sivaratri. Hanuman
Temple at Kakkalur – 3 km (2 mi) from Tiruvallur, this village temple has a 12-metre (40 ft) green monolithic granite murti of Lord Viswaroopa Panchamukha Hanuman (a.k.a. Panchamukhi Hanuman).[10] Temple for Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Hanuman – at Periakuppam, Thiruvallur, this 10-metre-tall (32 ft) statue is made of a single piece of green granite which was brought from Hassan in Karnataka.[11] Shiva
temple in Manavala Nagar (Ondikuppam village) – known for Gangai Naatha swami with neeri nilai naayagai kovil. Moondram pirai sathalam[incomprehensible] 1.5 km (1 mi) towards Poonamali from the Thiruvallur
railway station. CSI Goudie Memorial Church – a very prominent church built by Rev. William Goudie during British rule. St.Francis De Sale Church – a Catholic church, also called St. Annes' Convent, which is the school in the same parish. Miracle AG Church – an Assemblies of God church Shalom Cathedral – at Kakklur sali, Tiruvallur

Economy[edit] The city attained district-headquarters status in 1997. Tiruvallur houses many industries including manufacturing facilities of Hindustan Motors, Caterpillar earth-moving equipment, Hanil Lear, Delphi TVS, India
Japan Lighting, Kingfisher's brewery division, Style SPA furniture, TI India, TCL, and Mitsubishi.[12] Tiruvallur
is surrounded by industrial hubs in and around Chennai, such as Ambattur
Industrial Estate and Sriperumbudur
Industrial Estate, which connect to Tiruvallur
by suburban train and buses. Developments[edit] The Chennai
Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) drafted a master plan to develop Tiruvallur
as a satellite township around the city. This development is encouraged by developing infrastructure, such as affordable housing, in order to relieve congestion in the metropolis and provide a better standard of living.[13] The Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu
government plans to develop a satellite township at Thirumazhisai, a town in Thiruvallur district
Thiruvallur district
about 18 km (11 mi) from Tiruvallur. According to Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, it would build on 125.88 hectares (311.05 acres) of land owned by the Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu
Housing Board, at a cost of ₹2,160 crore (21.6 billion rupees).[14] The state government was to decide on the expansion of the Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) before the end of fiscal year 2011–12.[needs update] Minister for Housing and Urban Development R Vaithilingam told the State Assembly on 25 August 2011 that, in view of the fast-paced development taking place in areas beyond the present metropolitan-area jurisdiction, it had become necessary to review the Chennai
Metropolitan Planning Area of 1973–74.[15] Industries[edit] Tiruvallur
is a fast-developing district. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. The major crops cultivated are paddy, sugarcane and groundnut, with smaller crops of millets (cumbu, ragi, tinai, etc.), pulses (red gram, black gram, green gram, etc.), gingelly and chillies. Vegetables, flowers and fruits (mango, banana, etc.) are also grown. Three cropping seasons are being followed in the district for paddy, viz, Sornavari (April–August), Samba (July–Jan) and Navarai (December–March).[clarification needed] Peripheral areas of the district have industrial units, with industry and commerce gaining a prominent position.[citation needed] Transport[edit] Tiruvallur
is situated on the Chennai– Tirupati
trunk road. Other major roads connecting Chennai
and Tiruvallur
include a route through Kakalur, Vepampattu, Thiruninravur, Avadi, Ambattur
and Villivakkam, and another route through Poonamallee
and Koyembedu. Nearly one lakh (100,000) vehicles cross this city each day, among the highest traffic levels in Tamil Nadu. Chennai
International Airport is 42 km (26 mi) southeast of the city. Tiruvallur
lies on the Chennai– Bangalore
broad gauge railway line and is a stop for some of the WestNorth trains. There are two suburban railway lines: the West line from Chennai
Central to Arakkonam
and the WestNorth line from Chennai
Central to Tiruttani. These two lines have many frequent suburban trains. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) runs an extensive city bus system, with service from Tiruvallur
to most of the important places in Chennai
and its metropolitan area. MTC Services from Tiruvallur
include:[relevant? – discuss]

Route Number Departs Destination Via

501 Poondi Vadapalani Tiruvallur, Aranvoyal, Poonamallee, Iyyappanthangal, Porur, Valasaravakkam

505 Tiruvallur Red Hills Ekkadu, Kilanur, Vishnuvakkam, Velliyur, Tamaraipakkam crossroad

505A Tiruvallur Periyapalayam Ekkadu, Kilanur, Vishnuvakkam, Velliyur, Tamaraipakkam crossroad

538 Kadambathur Vadapalani Tiruvallur, Aranvoyal, Poonamallee, Porur, Virugambakkam

566A Tiruvallur Tambaram Pallavaram, Pammal, Kundrathur, Ponnamallee, Aranvoyal

571 Tiruvallur Broadway Sevvapet, Veppampattu, Thiruninravur, Avadi, Central Railway Station, Tailors Road, New Avadi

572 Tiruvallur Ambattur
Industrial Estate Sevvapet, Thiruninravur, Avadi

572A Tiruvallur Avadi Sevvapet, Veppampattu, Pattabiram

583A Tiruvallur Sriperumpudur ManavalaNagar

153A Tiruvallur CMBT Poonamallee, Aranvoyal

153B Pandur CMBT Tiruvallur, Poonamallee, Aranvoyal

153T Tiruvallur CMBT Chembarambakkam, Poonamallee, Aranvoyal

597 Tiruvallur T Nagar/Mandaveli Aranvoyal, Thirumahizhai, Poonamallee, Iyyappanthangal, Porur, Guindy

Education[edit] There are a large number of educational institutions in Tiruvallur. Many professional institutions, particularly the veterinary university, add to education in this district. Tiruvallur
has many higher secondary schools including private and government schools. There are a few engineering, medical, and arts and science colleges around Tiruvallur. Colleges[edit]

Field Name Location

Arts & science Hindu College Pattabiram

Jaya College of Arts and Science Thiruninravur

John Bosco Art and Science College Tiruvallur

Dr. Sir Arcot Lakshmana Swami Mudaliar College of Arts & science Vengal

Sri Ram Arts and Science College Veppampattu

Loganatha Narayanasamy Govt. Arts College Tiruvallur

Sri Subramaniaswami Government Arts College Tiruvallur

Dr. Sir A.L. Mudaliar Vocational Arts and Science Tiruvallur

Shri Chandra Prabhu Jain College for Men Tiruvallur

Engineering Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management Thiruvallur

Sri Ram Engineering College Veppampattu

Bhajarang Engineering College Veppampattu

Indira Institute of Engineering and Technology Thiruvallur

Jaya Engineering College Thiruninravur

John Bosco Engineering College Tiruvallur

Kumaran Institute of Technology Tiruvallur

Siva Institute of Frontier Technology, Technical Campus Vengal

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology Thiruvallur

Sri Venkateswara Institute of Science and Technology Thiruppachur Post

Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology Chembarapakkam

Panimalar Institute Of Technology Poonamallee

Panimalar Engineering College Poonamallee

Srinivasa Institute of Engineering and Technology Poonamallee

Vel Tech Engineering College Avadi

L.C.R. College of Engineering and Technology Ramanjeri

Hotel Management Sriram Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Tiruvallur

Sree Venkateswara International Institute of Catering & Hotel Management Tiruvallur

Victory Institute of Catering & Hotel Management Tiruvallur

Dental Priyadarshini Dental College and Hospital Tiruvallur

Pharmacy Jaya College of Paramedical Science Thiruninravur

National College of Pharmacy Thiruninravur

Nursing Indira College of Nursing Pandur

Management Indira Institute of Computer Application Tiruvallur

Indira Institute of Management and Research Tiruvallur

TTI Indira Teacher Training Institute Tiruvallur


C.S.I. Goudie Higher Sec. School Christ King Hr. Sec. School. Chellammal Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Sec. School CSC Vivekananda Vidyalaya Matriculation School Dr.V Gengu Swami Naidu matriculation school, Vishnuvakkam Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chetty's Hindu Higher Secondary School Swamy Vivekananda Vidhyalaya Nursery and Primary School, Tiruvallur Vivekananda vidhyalaya matriculation school, Tiruvallur Gnana Vidyalaya Joy Play School, 47, Veerannan street, Tiruvallur Active KIDS Play School. Sri Venkateshwara Matric. Hr. Sec. School Rollins Primary and Nursery School St.Anne's Matriculation Higher Secondary School Shree Nikethan Matric. Hr. Sec. School Sri Lakshmi Hr. Sec. School Sri R M Jain vidhyasharam Jacob Matric. School K.E. Nataesa Chetiyar Higher Secondary School Kamaraj Marticulation School A B S Vidhya Mandhir School Active KIDS Pre-School Bharathidasan Matriculation school National Lotus Matriculation Higher Sec. School Mangalam nursery and primary school Hindu nursery and primary school Bharathi Matriculation School, Poonga Nagar Calavala Cunnan Chetty Matriculation School, Kakkaluur


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