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The Son-Daughter
The Son-Daughter
is a 1932 American pre-Code drama film directed by Clarence Brown
Clarence Brown
and written by John F. Goodrich, Claudine West and Leon Gordon. The film stars Helen Hayes, Ramon Novarro, Lewis Stone, Warner Oland and Ralph Morgan. The film was released on December 23, 1932, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.[1][2]


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Premise[edit] In a story set in San Francisco's Chinatown, Tom Lee, a Chinese prince, disguised as student is in love with Lien Wha, during unrest between opposing groups of the Chinese community. Cast[edit]

Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes
as Lien Wha Ramon Novarro
Ramon Novarro
as Tom Lee Lewis Stone
Lewis Stone
as Dr. Dong Tong Warner Oland
Warner Oland
as Fen Sha Ralph Morgan
Ralph Morgan
as Fang Fou Hy Louise Closser Hale
Louise Closser Hale
as Toy Yah H. B. Warner
H. B. Warner
as Sin Kai

Reception[edit] "Navarro earned only scant good notices when the picture opened on December 23, 1932. The picture itself received overwhelmingly negative reviews."[3] References[edit]

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The Son-Daughter
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