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The Girl Most Likely to... is a black comedy with slight psychological thriller elements written by Joan Rivers and Agnes Gallin, and starring Stockard Channing and Ed Asner. The film was released on November 6, 1973 as a made-for-television film broadcast on the ABC Movie of the Week.


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Plot[edit] Miriam Knight is an intelligent but unattractive young woman who is disrespected by those around her. She has changed colleges five times in three years. In that time, she has taken a lot of different classes, but is still unable to find a boyfriend. At her new college, things go from bad to worse. She is either ignored or humiliated by almost everyone. Miriam finally lands the lead in a play, but her jealous roommate, knowing Miriam is allergic to roses, places some in a box during Miriam's performance, causing Miriam to sneeze herself into humiliation. She tearfully speeds away from the college campus, but is involved in an automobile accident. Miriam requires reconstructive surgery on her face. Once the bandages are removed, they reveal a brunette bombshell. From the moment she steps outside the room in the hospital, she makes it her mission to exact vengeance on all those who did her wrong by killing them, one by one. Miriam uses her new good looks, which make her unrecognizable as the "old" Miriam, and skills she acquired in many of her classes to commit the crimes. A police detective, Ralph Varone (Edward Asner), who had a brief encounter with the "old" Miriam, solves the crimes committed by the "new" Miriam and discovers her motive. Varone falls in love with Miriam, becoming the only man to love her for her mind. They marry with Miriam in custody preparing to serve a lengthy jail sentence. The film has achieved considerable cult status over the years — rare for a film made for television, partly due to its DVD release in 2005. The plot is similar to that of the 1950 film The Second Face. Cast[edit]

Stockard Channing as Miriam Knight Ed Asner as Det. Ralph Varone Jim Backus as Prof. David Tilson Joe Flynn as Dr. Green Chuck McCann as Coach Cyril Delevanti as Minister Carl Ballantine as Dr. Hankim Ruth McDevitt as Housemistress Susanne Zenor as Heidi Murphy Fred Grandy as Ted Gates Larry Wilcox as Moose Meyers Warren Berlinger as Herman Anderson Dan Spelling as Fred Ames Florence Lake as Computer Clerk Victor Izay as Dr. Wolfe Bill Zuckert as Priest at funeral Reb Brown as Football player Warren Burton as Actor Angela Clarke as Actress Dennis Dugan as Charlie Elliott Annette O'Toole as Jenny Bobby Griffin as Football player Charles Pinte as Football player Bob Hanley as Intern #2 Lonny Stevens as Intern #3 Mary Layne as Lee Anne Florence London as Anesthesiologist John Kirby as Aide #2 Jack Kutcher as Aide #1

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The Second Face Return to Eden


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