Timm or TIMM may refer to:

Given name

* Timm Klose (born 1988), Swiss footballer * Timm Sharp (born 1978), American actor


* Bruce Timm (born 1961), American animator and producer * Cap Timm (1908–1987), American college baseball coach * Christian Timm (born 1979), German footballer * Christopher Timm (born 1968), English cricketer * David Timm (born 1969), German pianist, organist, choral conductor and jazz musician * Doug Timm (1960–1989), American composer and conductor * Georg Wilhelm Timm (1820–1895), Baltic-German artist * Henry Christian Timm (1811–1892), German-born American pianist, conductor, and composer * Joachim Christian Timm (1734–1805), German botanist * Mads Timm (born 1984), Danish footballer * Otto Timm (1893–1978), American aviator and aircraft manufacturer * Richard William Timm (1923–2020), American Roman Catholic priest * Robert D. Timm (1921–2016), American politician and businessman * Tarmo Timm (born 1936), Estonian zoologist * Uwe Timm (born 1940), German author * Uwe Timm (libertarian author) (1932–2014), German author

Other uses

*TIMM (TV), a television channel from Germany *Timm Aircraft, a former American aircraft manufacturer *''TIMM9'', the gene encoding human protein Tim9 *''TIMM10'', the gene encoding human protein Tim10

See also

* Timms, a surname {{disambiguation|surname