The Swedish (Svenskspråkiga) is the Swedish-language edition of Wikipedia and was started on 23 May 2001.[1] It is currently the third largest by article-count with its 3,784,142 current articles,[2] where a majority are generated by a bot, or software application,[3] and has a article depth of 5.6. The administrators on the Swedish (currently 65) are elected for a fixed-term period of one year and have to be re-elected after that time.[4]


Screenshot on 23 May 2001 of sv.wikipedia.com

Originally, Swedish rivalled susning.nu, a wiki created by Lars Aronsson in 2001. Susning.nu was by 28 May 2003 the world's second largest wiki. Due to several controversies involving the authority of the founder, objections to Aronsson's decision to allow advertisement on the site, several prolific Susning writers switched over to Swedish in 2002, and later more followed. Two of its pioneers were Johan Dahlin and Dan Köhl, the latter one introduced "Tinget" in November 2002. This was the first conflict handling organ at Swedish.[5] In April 2004, Susning.nu's editing features were closed down to all but a handful of users, which further increased the flow to Swedish. On 14 January 2005,'s article count surpassed that of Susning.nu.[citation needed]

In March 2006, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published a comparative evaluation of Swedish, Susning.nu and the online version of Nationalencyklopedin. The evaluation was done by giving a selection of articles to independent subject matter experts for grading. While Nationalencyklopedin came out on top with respect to factuality and neutrality, Swedish received a good overall grade and came out on top with respect to being up to date and having a broad coverage, also including popular culture subjects.[6]

On 27 September 2012 it reached 500,000 articles.[7] On 15 June 2013 it reached 1,000,000 articles and rose from 8th to 5th place.[8] This meant that during 2012 and 2013 the number of articles on Swedish more than doubled. This is in large part due to a community project where bots were used in producing articles for all existing species of plants and animals. When finished, this project alone created more than a million articles, most short and sourced through available online databases on the subject.[9] In 2014 about half of its articles were created by a single bot.[10]


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