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Superior Software
Superior Software
Ltd (also known as Superior Interactive) is a video game publisher. It was one of the main publishers for the BBC
Micro and Acorn Electron
Acorn Electron
computers in the 1980s and early 1990s. It currently releases games for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android; mostly updates of its original games.


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History[edit] Superior Software
Superior Software
was established in 1982 by Richard Hanson and John Dyson, two graduates of the University of Leeds, England. They had previously programmed software published by Micro Power, and they wrote Superior's first four-game releases for the BBC
Micro: three were written by Hanson and one by Dyson. Describing the early days, Hanson commented:

We set up Superior Software
Superior Software
with just £100 — John and I each put £50 into a company bank account; and we placed a small black-and-white advertisement in one of the early home computer magazines ... £100 was the most money that we would lose from the Superior Software
Superior Software
venture if it had not worked out. Anyway we received a very good response to our first advertisement, and the software sales which it generated covered the cost of the advertisement several times over. We started to place larger advertisements in a few magazines, and invited other programmers to send their software to us for evaluation and possible marketing by us.[1]

Superior mostly focused on the machines of Acorn Computers Ltd
Acorn Computers Ltd
and also published software for other platforms including the Oric-1
and Commodore 64. Key management personnel have included Steve Botterill, Chris Payne and Steve Hanson. Major software developers Peter Johnson, Tim Tyler, Martin Edmondson, Nicholas Chamberlain, Kevin Edwards, David Hoskins, Matthew Atkinson, Chris Roberts, Tony Oakden, Peter Scott, Gary Partis, Peter Irvin, Jeremy Smith, David Braben, Ian Bell, Geoff Crammond, Jonathan Griffiths and Nick Pelling have all produced software published by Superior, sometimes released under the joint Superior Software
Superior Software
/ Acornsoft
brandname. Releases[edit] Their best-known games are the Repton series of games, which have sold over 125,000 units in total. Other notable Superior Software
Superior Software
games for the BBC Micro
BBC Micro
and Acorn Electron
Acorn Electron
include Overdrive, Citadel, Thrust, Galaforce, Stryker's Run, Ravenskull, Codename: Droid (sequel to Stryker's Run), Palace of Magic, Bonecruncher, Quest, Pipeline, Exile and Ricochet. They also published the seminal Zarch
for the Acorn Archimedes, as well as follow-up games using the same engine, Conqueror and Air Supremacy.[2] As well as their high quality original games, Superior released a number of official Acorn conversions of big games from other systems including Barbarian, The Last Ninja, Predator, Hostages and Sim City. Superior also published a number of educational and utility software titles including the speech synthesis program Speech!.

Play It Again Sam 2 compilation ( Acorn Electron
Acorn Electron

The "Play It Again Sam" series of compilations included re-releases of their old titles, with four games for the usual price of one. The original Play It Again Sam featured four Superior games which had each made No. 1 individually (Citadel, Thrust, Ravenskull, and Stryker's Run), while subsequent compilations increasingly featured games licensed from other software houses such as Micro Power
Micro Power
or Alligata. These compilations also occasionally included some new games that were thought to be not quite up to the standard of their full price games. The series eventually ran to 18 issues for the BBC
Micro, although the latest ones were released on disc only, well into the demise of the 8-bit scene with lower sales as a result.[citation needed] Superior, under the brandname Superior Interactive, now mainly develops and publishes software for computers and devices running Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android; and they have released several updated versions of some of their popular 1980s hits for these systems. This includes the original three Repton games, additional Repton levels, Galaforce
Worlds, Ravenskull, Pipeline Plus and Ricochet. See also[edit]



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Superior Software
Years And The Future, beebgames.com ^ http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/cgi/archive.pl?type=Games&platform=&publisher=Superior%20Software%20Ltd

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Superior Software

Notable early games (1982-84)

Invaders Centibug Alien Dropout Hunchback Overdrive Stranded Mr Wiz Percy Penguin Smash and Grab Space Pilot Zany Kong Junior

Games (1985-93)


Tempest Repton Deathstar Repton 2 Citadel


Karate Combat Thrust Galaforce Stryker's Run The Legend of Sinbad Ravenskull Repton 3 Elite (enhanced) Revs (enhanced)


Syncron Kix Grand Prix Construction Set Around the World in 40 Screens Codename: Droid Crazee Rider Palace of Magic Zarch Elixir Bonecruncher Spellbinder The Life of Repton


Quest Spycat Conqueror Barbarian Repton Thru Time Pipeline Cosmic Camouflage By Fair Means or Foul Exile Imogen Repton Infinity The Last Ninja Galaforce


A Question of Sport Firetrack Repton Mania Barbarian
II Camelot Qwak Predator Ballistix Superior Soccer Ricochet Baron Last Ninja 2


Perplexity Hyperball Pandemonium Hostages Superior Golf Star Port SimCity Master Break


Air Supremacy Cyborg Warriors The Network Vertigo


EGO: Repton 4


Technodream Tactic Citadel 2

Educational / utility software

Toolkit (1983) Assembler (1983) World Geography (1983) Disassembler (1984) Constellation (1984) Planetarium (1984) UK Geography (1984) Speech! (1985)


The Acornsoft
Hits (1987) The Superior Collection (1987) Play It Again Sam (Electron: 1987-1991, BBC
Micro: 1987-1993, Archimedes: 1992-1994)


Micro Oric-1 Acorn Electron Commodore 64 Amstrad CPC Acorn Archimedes Amiga ZX Spectrum

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Computer Literacy Project


Model A, B and B+ Master range Archimedes range and A3000

TV programmes / services

Now the Chips are Down The Computer Programme Making the Most of the Micro Micro Live Telesoftware via Ceefax


David Allen John Coll Christopher Curry Steve Furber Hermann Hauser Fred Harris Lesley Judd Ian McNaught-Davis Richard Russell Chris Serle Sophie Wilson



Acorn MOS Advanced Disc Filing System Disc Filing System BBC


Doctor Who
Doctor Who
and the Warlord Doctor Who: The First Adventure White Knight


Acorn Computers BBC CST (Cambridge Systems Technology) Castle Technology Cumana Micro Power Pace Micro Technology Superior Software Torch Computers Watford Electronics

BBC-branded peripherals

6502 Second Processor IEEE488 Adapter Prestel Adapter Teletext Adapter Z80 Second Processor

Other projects