The Southwest Region or South-West Region (French: Région du Sud-Ouest) is a province of Cameroon. Its capital is Buea.[1] As of 1987, its population was 838,042. Along with the Northwest Region, it is one of the two anglophone (English-speaking) regions of Cameroon, and has long been a hotbed of separatist resentment against the perceived Francophone domination of the country.[2]

Divisions of Southwest province

The region is divided into six divisions or departments: Fako, Koupé-Manengouba, Lebialem, Manyu, Meme, and Ndian. These are in turn broken down into subdivisions.[3] Presidentially appointed senior divisional officers (prefets) and subdivisional officers (sous-prefets) govern each respectively.

The region was notable for having the first English-speaking university in Cameroon (the University of Buea), the first vice-chancellor being Professor Tanyi Mbuagbaw. Akin to the Northwest Region, the Southwest enjoys a considerably better infrastructure than its francophone neighbours.

Towns include the capital Buea, Limbe, Tiko, Kumba and Mamfe. Limbe in particular is a popular tourist resort notable for its fine beaches. Korup National Park is also a major attraction. Buea itself, meanwhile, sits at the foot of Mount Cameroon, and possesses an almost temperate climate markedly different from the rest of the province.

Coordinates: 4°10′N 9°14′E / 4.167°N 9.233°E / 4.167; 9.233


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