Sigma Phi Society (ΣΦ) was founded on March 4, 1827 on the campus of Union College as a part of the Union Triad in Schenectady, New York. It is the second Greek fraternal organization founded in the United States.[1] The Sigma Phi Society was the first Greek organization to establish a chapter at another college, which occurred with the founding of the Beta of New York at Hamilton College in 1831, thus making it the first National Greek Organization. The practices and rituals of Sigma Phi are relatively unknown due to its establishment, and continued consideration, as a secret society.[1] Also of note, the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi located at Union College has been in continuous operation since 1827 making it the oldest continuously running fraternity chapter in the United States. [2]

Sigma Phi is a member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference.


Some of these own buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.[1] Chapters italicized are dormant.[3]

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