Shērkhān Bandar (Pashto/Dari: شېرخان بندر) is an Afghan border town and dry port situated at the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It is located in the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan, next to the Panj River, near the border with Tajikistan. The dry port links Kunduz and Kabul in Afghanistan with Dushanbe in Tajikistan. Its old name was Qezel Qal'eh. It was renamed after Sher Khan Nashir, Khan of the Kharoti Nasher clan.

The town has begun to grow rapidly after the completion, in 2007, of the Tajikistan–Afghanistan bridge at Panji Poyon. This bridge and the easy connectivity with the neighbouring country boosted trade between Afghanistan and Central Asia enormously. As many as 400 shipping trucks pass through the town every day, carrying trade goods from one country to the other. This trade has also made many local shop owners very rich.[1]

In November 2012, Afghan officials announced that they plan to build about 2,000 new residential houses, 41 business plazas including offices, shops and stores.[2]

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