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The Shilka (Russian: Ши́лка) is a river in Zabaykalsky Krai, south-eastern Russia. It has a length of 560 km (350 mi). It originates as a confluence of the Onon and Ingoda rivers. Its confluence with the Ergune on the Russia- China
border gives rise to the Amur River. The river is navigable for its entire length. The name derives from Evenki shilki 'narrow valley.'[1] Notes[edit]

^ E.M. Pospelov, Geograficheskie nazvaniya mira (Moscow: Russkie slovari, 1998), p. 473.

Coordinates: 53°19′58″N 121°28′49″E / 53.33278°N 121.48028°E / 53.33278; 121.48028

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