The Info List - Second-order Logic

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Second-order generally indicates an extended or higher complexity. Specific uses of the term include: in mathematics and logic

Second-order approximation, an approximation that includes quadratic terms Second-order arithmetic, an axiomatization allowing quantification of sets of numbers Second-order differential equation, a differential equation in which the highest derivative is the second Second-order logic, an extension of predicate logic In perturbation theory, a second-order perturbation may be obtained iteratively

in science and engineering

Second-order fluid, an extension of fluid dynamics A second-order Fresnel lens
Fresnel lens
has a focal length of approximately 50 cm (19.7 in) Second-order reaction, in chemical kinetics, a reaction in which the rate is proportional to the square of a reactant's concentration

in psychology and philosophy

Second-order conditioning, a form of learning from previous learning Second-order desire, the desire to have a desire for something Second-order simulacra, a symbol with no real object to represent Second-order stimulus, a visual stimulus distinguished by an aspect other than luminance

in religion

Second Order (religious), the cloistered nuns who are affiliated with mendicant orders of friars

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