Russian refers to anything related to Russia, including: *Russians (русские, ''russkiye''), an ethnic group of the East Slavic peoples, primarily living in Russia and neighboring countries *Rossiyane (россияне), Russian language term for all citizens and people of Russia, regardless of ethnicity *Russophone, Russian-speaking person (русскоговорящий, русскоязычный, ''russkogovoryashchy'', ''russkoyazychny'') *Russian language, the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages *Russian alphabet *Russian cuisine *Russian culture *Russian studies Russian may also refer to: *Russian dressing *''The Russians'', a book by Hedrick Smith *Russian (comics), fictional Marvel Comics supervillain from ''The Punisher'' series *Russian (solitaire), a card game *"Russians" (song), from the album ''The Dream of the Blue Turtles'' by Sting *"Russian", from the album ''Tubular Bells 2003'' by Mike Oldfield *Nik Russian, the perpetrator of a con committed in 2002 *The South African name for a variety of Kielbasa sausage *Something related to the Russian Empire or Soviet Union **Soviet people **East Slavs **All-Russian nation

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