The Info List - Rodolfo Fariñas

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RODOLFO "RUDY" CASTRO FARIñAS, SR. (born September 5, 1951) is a Filipino politician and the current Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives of the Philippines and represents the 1st District of Ilocos Norte
Ilocos Norte
, the Philippines.


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Fariñas was born on September 5, 1951. in 1971, he obtained a bachelor of arts (AB) degree from Ateneo de Manila University
Ateneo de Manila University
. He then studied law and graduated from the Ateneo de Manila Law School in 1978.


Fariñas he was elected as City Mayor of Laoag
in the election of January 30, 1980 at the age of 28 making him one of the youngest elected city mayors in the Philippines. With his excitingly different breed of leadership, Laoag
City underwent infrastructural face-lift as more projects were implemented. The city government was also administered more closely that resulted in a significant increase in its revenues. Fariñas enjoyed greater prominence in the national scene after the 1986 People Power Revolution
People Power Revolution
when the people of Laoag rallied behind him to reject any efforts by the government to replace him as the city mayor.

Rudy received the mandate to govern the province in the 1988 local election where he won in a landslide victory. He was elected again in 1992 and 1995 serving for ten consecutive years. During his term, Fariñas held various posts and chairmanships like national president of JAYCEES, regional chairman of Ilocos Region Peace and Order Council (RPOC) and Reserve Officer’s League of the Philippines (ROLP), to name a few. He also received various awards and commendations, most important of which were the Most Outstanding Provincial Governor, 1988 and Most Outstanding Governor Award of the Year, 1996.

The province of Ilocos Norte
Ilocos Norte
saw Fariñas as a committed and energetic governor who closely monitored the functions of the provincial government and actively participated in rescue operations when calamities battered the province. With his program “Rang-ay ti Barangay”, he brought the government closer to the people by personally delivering the government’s programs and services to remotest areas of the province. Governor Fariñas made a headway in the areas of education, health, agriculture, sports, tourism and peace and order by directing to create the Department of Public Safety which responded to medical emergencies, erect a new hospital building at the Gov. Roque Ablan Hospital, construct the Centennial Arena and Olympic size swimming pool, establish the Capitol Day care Center, restore the Rizal Amusement Park and implement infrastructure projects in various parts of the province. Through his leadership, the insurgency problem of the province was reduced dramatically thus restoring peace and security in the province.

After completing his three consecutive terms as governor of the province, Fariñas earned a new mandate to serve Ilocos Norte
Ilocos Norte
as First District congressman when he emerged victorious in the 1998 local polls.

In 2017, he was seriously offended when bar top-notcher Atty Mandy Anderson posted on facebook, that his boyfriend housespeaker Pantaleon Alvarez was an imbecile, and called the former for questioning.


Rep. Fariñas is married to the beauteous commercial model turned actress Maria Teresa L. Gerodias from Zambales. They are blessed with eight children"