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Queen of the Seas
Queen of the Seas
(Italian: Le avventure di Mary Read) is a 1961 adventure film directed by Umberto Lenzi
Umberto Lenzi
and starring Lisa Gastoni
Lisa Gastoni
and Jerome Courtland.


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Lisa Gastoni
Lisa Gastoni
as Mary Read Jerome Courtland
Jerome Courtland
as Peter Goodwin Walter Barnes as Captain Poof Agostino Salvietti
Agostino Salvietti
as Mangiatrippa Germano Longo as Ivan Gianni Solaro as Governor of Florida Tullio Altamura as Don Pedro Alvarez Gisella Arden as The French Dancer Dina De Santis as Peter's Lover Ignazio Balsamo
Ignazio Balsamo
as Captain of the Guards Anna Arena as Lady in the Diligence Giulio Battiferri
Giulio Battiferri
as Prison Guard Edoardo Toniolo
Edoardo Toniolo
as Lord Goodwin Piero Pastore
Piero Pastore
as Master of Protocol Loris Gizzi
Loris Gizzi
as The Director of the Prison Bruno Scipioni
Bruno Scipioni
as Lord Stewart

Release[edit] Queen of the Seas
Queen of the Seas
was released theatrically in Italy on December 1, 1961.[1] It was released in the United States in 1964.[1] It has received a home video release by Something Weird.[1] Reception[edit] In a contemporary review, the Monthly Film Bulletin reviewed a 62 minute dubbed version under the title Hell Below Deck.[2] The review described the film as a "spiritless pirate melodrama" and noted "poorly photographed settings" and the swordplay, intrigues, and love scenes are "all equally uninteresting."[2] References[edit]

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Queen of the Seas
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