The Purple Line is a proposed line of the Dubai Metro network in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The purple line will run between Dubai International Airport to Al Maktoum International Airport, along Al Khail Road. Announced in 2007, construction of the line has not started, and news reports in July 2011 claimed that the line faces cancellation.Dubai Metro's Purple Line faces cancellation
Retrieved Arabian Business ; Wednesday, 6 July 2011 12:46 PM It will have about eight stations along its route, three with check-in facilities. However The Dubai Airports claimed that this was unfeasible as it did not pass through many localities. However they suggested opting for a "central terminal" similar to ones in the US where trains leave from inside the airport to the other airport with trains also leaving to the city. The RTA have taken this into consideration.


The Purple line will be long and trains on this line will travel at an average speed of 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph).

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