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_POLITICO_ is an American political journalism company based in Arlington County, Virginia , that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally. It distributes content through television, the Internet, physical newspapers , radio, and podcasts . Its coverage in Washington, D.C., includes the U.S. Congress, lobbying, media and the presidency.


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John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei left _ The Washington Post _ to become _Politico_'s editor-in-chief and executive editor, respectively. With the financial backing of Robert L. Allbritton , the pair launched the website on January 23, 2007. Their first hire was Mike Allen , a writer for _Time _. Frederick J. Ryan Jr. served as _Politico_'s first president and chief executive officer .

From the beginning, journalists covering political campaigns for _Politico_ carried a video camera to each assignment, and they were encouraged to promote their work elsewhere. By 2008, _Politico_ received more than three million unique visits per month.

In September 2008, _ The New York Times _ reported that Politico would expand its operations following the 2008 presidential election: "fter Election Day, will add reporters, editors, Web engineers and other employees; expand circulation of its newspaper edition in Washington; and print more often." Between the 2008 and 2012 elections, _Politico_’s staff more than tripled in size. Notable additions included two political commentators, Michael Kinsley and Joe Scarborough , as opinion writers.

In 2011, _Politico_ began to focus more on long-form journalism and news analysis. This shift in coverage received further support in June 2013 with the hiring of Susan Glasser to oversee “opinion from prominent outside voices” and “long-form storytelling.” In September 2014, Glasser was tapped to serve as _Politico_’s new editor, following the resignation of Richard Berke the previous month.

In October 2013, VandeHei was named _Politico_’s new chief executive. Under his leadership, _Politico_ continued to grow. In 2014 alone, _Politico_ expanded revenues by 25%. By 2016, _Politico_ had nearly 500 employees worldwide.

Amidst reports of tensions, VandeHei and Allen announced that they would leave _Politico_ after the 2016 presidential election . Allbritton was named as CEO in Vandehei's stead. In April 2017, _Politico_ announced that investment banker Patrick Steel would succeed as Allbritton as CEO, effective May 8.


On June 25, 2007, Mike Allen launched Playbook, a daily early-morning email newsletter. Within a few years, the newspaper had attained a large readership amongst members of the D.C. community. By 2016, over 100,000 people – including “insiders, outsiders, lobbyists and journalists, governors, senators, presidents and would-be presidents” – read Playbook daily. Multiple commentators credit Allen and Playbook with strongly influencing the substance and tone of the rest of the national political news cycle.

Daniel Lippman joined _Politico_ in June 2014, in large part to assist Allen with Playbook. Upon Allen’s departure in July 2016, Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman joined Lippman to assume Playbook-writing duties. In March 2017, _Politico_ announced the creation of a second, mid-day edition of Playbook – entitled “Playbook Power Briefing” – written by the same people who authored the morning edition.

As of 2017, a weekly sponsorship of Playbook costs between $50,000 and $60,000.


Politico Pro launched in 2010. With roughly 100 reporters at its disposal, Politico Pro provides in-depth coverage of over a dozen major topic areas. The service charges its readers by topic area, with the costs running well over $1,000 per topic per year. Despite the paywall in place, Politico Pro has a 93% subscription renewal rate, and it provides one fourth of _Politico_'s overall revenue. Access to the main site and the Playbook remained free of charge.


In November 2013, _Politico_ launched _ Politico Magazine_, which is published online and bimonthly in print. In contrast to _Politico_'s focus on "politics and policy scoops" and breaking news, _Politico Magazine_ focuses on "high-impact, magazine-style reporting,", such as long-form journalism . The first editor of _ Politico Magazine_ was Susan Glasser, who came to the publication from _Foreign Policy _ magazine.

After Glasser was promoted to become _Politico_'s editor, Garrett Graff was named as editor, followed by Stephen Heuser. In December 2016, Blake Hounshell was named the new editor-in-chief of the magazine.

Along with a targeted free audience of roughly 30,000 readers, _ Politico Magazine_ is available via subscription for $200 per year. Content from _ Politico Magazine_ is also accessible online. _ The Politico_, February 15, 2007


In September 2013, _Politico_ acquired the online news site _Capital New York_, which also operated separate departments covering Florida and New Jersey. In April 2015, _Politico_ announced its intention to rebrand the state feeds with the _Politico_ name (_Politico_ _Florida_, _ Politico New Jersey_, and _ Politico New York_) to expand its coverage of state politics.


In September 2014, Politico formed a joint venture with German publisher Axel Springer SE to launch its European edition, based in Brussels . In December 2014, the joint venture announced its acquisition of Development Institute International, a leading French events content provider, and _ European Voice _, a European political newspaper, to be re-launched under the _Politico_ brand. Former _Wall Street Journal_ editorial board member Matthew Kaminski is the executive editor of the European edition. _ Politico Europe_ debuted in print on April 23, 2015.


In a 2007 opinion piece, progressive watchdog group Media Matters for America accused _Politico_ of having a "Republican tilt." Despite these accusations, a 2012 study found that the percentage of _Politico_ readers that identify as Democrats – 29% – is the same as the percentage that identifies as Republicans .

In November 2016, _Politico_ editor Michael Hirsh resigned after publishing the home address of white nationalist Richard B. Spencer on Facebook .

In April 2017, _ Politico Magazine_ published an article purporting to show long-term links between U.S. President Donald Trump , Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Jewish outreach organization Chabad-Lubavitch . The article was widely condemned, with the head of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt saying that it "evokes age-old myths about Jews".


As of 2017, _Politico_ averaged 26 million unique visitors a month to its American website, and more than 1.5 million unique visitors to its European site.

The print newspaper has a circulation of approximately 32,000, distributed for free in Washington, D.C. and Manhattan. The newspaper prints up to five issues a week while Congress is in session and sometimes publishes one issue a week when Congress is in recess. It carries advertising, including full-page ads from trade associations and a large help-wanted section listing Washington political jobs.

_Politico_ is a partner with several news outlets that co-report and distribute its video, print and audio content. Partners include CBS News , Allbritton Communications 's ABC station WJLA and cable channel NewsChannel 8 , radio station WTOP-FM , and Yahoo! News election coverage.


Multiple commentators have credited _Politico_'s original organizational philosophy – namely, prioritizing scoops and publishing large quantities of stories – with forcing more established publications to make a number of changes, such as increasing their pace of production and changing their tone.

Among the journalists who have worked for _Politico_ are Mike Allen , John Bresnahan, Carrie Budoff Brown, Alex Burns , Dylan Byers , Josh Gerstein, Andrew Glass, Susan Glasser, Darren Goode, Maggie Haberman , James Hohmann, Anna Palmer, Manu Raju , Daria Knight, Lois Romano , Darren Samuelsohn, Jack Shafer , Jake Sherman, Ben Smith , Eli Stokols , Glenn Thrush , Kenneth Vogel , and Ben White .


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