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Pinky Mitchell
Pinky Mitchell
was an American boxer who became the first champion in the light welterweight division by receiving the most votes by ballot on November 15, 1922. He held the title until 1926. In his impressive career he fought Oakland Jimmy Duffy, Rocky Kansas, Red Herring and champions Benny Leonard, Lew Tendler, Jack Britton, Mushy Callahan
Mushy Callahan
and Joe Dundee.[1]


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Early life[edit] Born Myron Mitchell on January 1, 1899, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mitchell was nicknamed Pinky because of his father's statement, on seeing Mitchell in his crib as a baby, that "he's like a little pink rascal."[2] He was a highly praised amateur boxer, and during his amateur days, former lightweight champion Battling Nelson
Battling Nelson
said he was the best-looking prospect he had seen.[3] Professional career[edit] Mitchell began boxing professionally in 1917. His brother, Richie Mitchell, was also a boxer. Their two styles were quite different, however. Richie was known for all-action bouts while Pinky, according to a later historian, "became a pariah in Milwaukee rings" due to his "lethargic performances" in boxing matches.[3] On April 11, 1919, Mitchell drew with Harry Shuman, Pacific Coast Lightweight Champion, in Seattle in a four round match. The Milwaukee Sentinel noted that he "was pleased at the treatment he had received in Seattle", though he was accustomed to longer fights.[4] In 1922 Mike Collins, the publisher of a Minneapolis weekly newspaper, the Boxing Blade, created the light welterweight category and asked his readers to vote for the man they felt was the best fighter at 140 pounds. Mitchell won the balloting and was recognized on November 15, 1922, as the first world light welterweight champion.[5] The National Boxing Association (NBA) followed suit and recognized Mitchell as champion.[6] Mitchell defended his title at least six times.[7] One of those defenses, a 1925 fight against James "Red" Herring, was mired in controversy. Herring won by disqualification and claimed the light welterweight championship. The Wisconsin Commission and the NBA both declined to recognize Herring as champion, however. His defense against Mushy Callahan
Mushy Callahan
saw Mitchell lose his title in September 1926. After losing to Callahan, Mitchell never won another fight and retired in 1928. After boxing[edit] After he retired, Mitchell twice ran for sheriff of Milwaukee County, losing both times. He died on March 11, 1976. See also[edit]

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Pinky Mitchell
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Inaugural Champion World Light Welterweight Champion November 22, 1922 – September 21, 1926 Succeeded