Paulista (Portuguese pronunciation: [pawlistə]) is a rapid transit station on Line 4 of the São Paulo Metro, located at the intersection of Avenida Paulista, Rua da Consolação, and Avenida Rebouças. It acts as a connection to Line 2 (Green) through its integration with Consolação station.


Originally scheduled to open in March 2010, but instead opened two months late on 25 May as part of the initial two-station segment of Line 4 to Faria Lima.[1] This delay was the result of poor results during train-testing periods.[2] Upon its opening, Paulista was connected to Consolação via a moving walkway.

Station layout

Like most stations on the São Paulo Metro, Paulista has two side platforms with two tracks, with concrete supports providing structural stability. When combined with Consolação, the station capacity is 150,000 people per hour, as well as being handicapped-accessible.


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