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The Okhotsk Plate
Okhotsk Plate
is a minor tectonic plate covering the Sea of Okhotsk, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Island
Sakhalin Island
and Tōhoku
and Hokkaidō
in Japan. It was formerly considered a part of the North American Plate, but recent studies indicate that it is an independent plate, bounded on the north by the North American Plate.[1] The boundary is a left-lateral moving transform fault, the Ulakhan Fault. On the east, the plate is bounded by the Pacific Plate
Pacific Plate
at the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench
Kuril-Kamchatka Trench
and the Japan
Trench, on the south by the Philippine Sea Plate
Philippine Sea Plate
at the Nankai Trough, on the west by the Eurasian Plate, and possibly on the southwest by the Amurian Plate.[2] Geology[edit] The boundary between Okhotsk Plate
Okhotsk Plate
and Amurian Plate
Amurian Plate
might be responsible for many strong earthquakes that occurred in the Sea of Japan
as well as in Sakhalin
Island, such as the MW7.1 (MS7.5 according to other sources) earthquake of May 27, 1995 in northern Sakhalin.[3][4][5] The earthquake devastated Neftegorsk, and the town was not rebuilt after the earthquake. Other notable intraplate earthquakes, such as the 1983 Sea of Japan
earthquake and the 1993 Hokkaidō
earthquake, have triggered tsunamis in the Sea of Japan. The boundary between Okhotsk Plate
Okhotsk Plate
and Pacific Plate
Pacific Plate
is a subduction zone, where Pacific Plate
Pacific Plate
subducts beneath the Okhotsk Plate. Many strong megathrust earthquakes occurred here, some of them among the largest on world record, including the Kamchatka earthquakes
Kamchatka earthquakes
of 1737 (estimated M9.0~9.3) and 1952 (M9.0). Such strong megathrust earthquakes can also occur near the Kuril Islands, as the M8.3 earthquake of November 15, 2006,[6][7] Hokkaido, as the M8.3 earthquake of September 26, 2003[8][9] and the M9.0 2011 Tōhoku earthquake off the coast of Honshu. GPS measurements and other studies show that the Okhotsk Plate
Okhotsk Plate
is slowly rotating in a clockwise direction. Models indicate that it rotates 0.2 deg/Myr about a pole located north of Sakhalin.[10] References[edit]

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Okhotsk Plate
Okhotsk Plate
Modeling Joint US-Russia Workshop on the Plate Tectonic Evolution of Northeast Russia, Dec. 2004

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