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MERCYFUL FATE is the first official release of Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate
Mercyful Fate
. It is also known as NUNS HAVE NO FUN, the "first album" or the "EP". It is a four track, 45rpm effort and was recorded and mixed at Stone Studio in Roosendaal , Netherlands
, in two days in September 1982 and released on the independent label Rave-On Records as RMLP-002. The album was produced and mixed by Jac Hustinx and engineered by Willem Steetjes. The cover is drawn by Ole Poulsen. The album in its entirety was later re-issued in 1987 as part of The Beginning compilation.

There are three pressings:

* First pressing is white bordered. * Second pressing is black bordered. * Third pressing is black bordered but distributed by Bertus Holland.


Side A

* "A Corpse Without Soul" ( Hank Shermann
Hank Shermann
, King Diamond ) – 6:53 * "Nuns Have No Fun" (Shermann, Michael Denner , Diamond) – 4:17

Side B

* "Doomed by the Living Dead" (Shermann, Diamond) – 5:06 * "Devil Eyes" (Shermann, Denner, Diamond) – 5:48


* King Diamond - vocals * Hank Shermann
Hank Shermann
- guitar * Michael Denner - guitar * Timi Hansen - bass * Kim Ruzz - drums


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Mercyful Fate