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North Central Province (Sinhalese: උතුරු මැද පළාත Uturumeda Palata, Tamil: வட மத்திய மாகாணம் Wada Maththiya Maakaanam) is a province of Sri Lanka. Its capital is Anuradhapura. The province is not densely populated, and it has a weak economy as the land tends to be dry tropical woodlands.


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History[edit] The centralized system of Sri Lanka, which is a Unitary State, failed to satisfy the aspirations of the people and there was growing insistence on decentralization of administrative processes in order to achieve rapid economic and social development of the country. In the Sri Lankan context, devolution means transferring political and administrative decision-making authority from central government to elected bodies at lower levels. Major Cities[edit]

(Municipal Council)

Other Towns[edit]

Polonnaruwa-Kaduruwela Medawachchiya Kahatagasdigiliya Hingurakgoda Nochchiyagama Kekirawa Minneriya Horowpatana Tambuttegama Manampitiya Eppawala Habarana Maradankadawala Rambewa Mihintale Talawa Padawiya Kebitigollawa Giritale Mahailuppallama Welikanda

The instruments of devolution: (i) The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution (1987) and (ii)The Provincial Councils Act No 42 of 1987 The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution provides for - The establishment of Provincial Councils The appointment and powers of the Governor of Provinces Membership and tenure of Provincial Councils The appointment and powers of the Board of Ministers The legislative powers of the Provincial Councils Alternative arrangements where there is a failure in the administrative machinery The establishment of the High Court of the Province The establishment of the Finance Commission

Provincial Council[edit] Provincial council is the main administrative and control body of the North Central Province which is the largest province in the country covered 16% of total country's land area. It consists two districts called Polonnaruwa
and Anuradhapure; Anuradhapure is the largest district in the country. NCP also called Wew Bendi Rajje because there are more than 3000 medium and large scale tanks situated in the province. More than 65% of NCP's people depend on basic Agriculture and agro base industries. North Central Province has numourous potentials for Investors to start their Businesses, specially Agriculture, agro based industries and Livestock sectors. Hon. Governor of the Province - Hon.P.B.Dissanayake Hon. Chief Minister of the province - peshala jayarathne bandra Chief Secretary of the province - K.A.Thilakaratne Administrative Units[edit]

The two districts of the North Central Province.

Districts[edit] Uturumeda is divided into 2 districts:

District 7,128 km2 (2,752 sq mi) Polonnaruwa
District 3,293 km2 (1,271 sq mi)

Education[edit] Anuradhapura[edit]

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
- Anuradhapura Open University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
– Anuradhapura [SLIATE] Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Institute of Advanced Technological Education - Anuradhapura Teachers Training School - Anuradhapura Technical college
Technical college
– Anuradhapura Buddhsravaka Bhiksu University - Anuradhapura [NITA] K.B.Rathnayake MW - Anuradhapura University College of Anuradhapura
(University of Vocational Technology) - Vidyala Mawatha, Anuradhapura St. Joseph's College, Anuradhapura Anuradhapura
Central College


Pulatishi - Polonnaruwa

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