Nguyễn An Ninh (September 5, 1900 – August 14, 1943) was a Vietnamese writer, activist and revolutionary during the country struggle against the French colonial empire. He was associated with the Société d'enseignement mutuel de Cochinchine (SEMC, in Vietnamese, Hội Khuyến Học Nam kỳ).[1]


He was born in Cholon, Hoc Mon, Vietnam on September 5, 1900. His father Nguyễn An Khương, his uncle Nguyễn An Cư and his aunt were all revolutionaries.[2][3] On October 12, 1924, he published La Cloche Fêlée, a journal that strongly and categorically opposed the colonial regime. After the 19th edition of the paper, the French threatened the printing company and effectively shut down the paper. In 1925, Nguyen went to France and gave a presentation on the situation in Indochina.[2]

He was imprisoned five times by the French:

  1. In March 20, 1926. Nguyen An Ninh was charged with disturbing the peace, publishing La Cloche Felee and calling people to riot and jailed for 18 months.[2]
  2. In September 1928. He was charged with organizing a secret society named after him. He was set free at the end of 1930.[2][4]
  3. In April 1936. He was charged with contributing to the La Lutte journal, another activist paper. Sentenced to 18 months, he was released in December 1936.[2]
  4. In July 1937, he was jailed again for organizing a demonstration in the district of Can Long and promoting riots.[2]
  5. On October 5, 1939, he was taken into custody and charged with disturbing the peace, conspiring against the French colonial regime, promoting a revolt of peasants and working class. Sentenced to 5 years in prison and 10 years exile, he died at the Pulo Condore prison on August 14, 1943.[2][4][5]


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