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Nabīl or Nabeel (Arabic: نبيل‎) is a male given name of Arabic origin, meaning "noble".[1] The feminine version is Nabila, Nabeela, Nabilah or Nabeelah. The name Nabil has a similar meaning to the English given name Patrick.


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People named Nabeel[edit]

Given name

Nabeel (actor), Pakistani actor, director and writer Nabeel Abbas (entrepreneur) (born 1969), Indian entrepreneur, media consultant and journalist, founder of the Epigram Group of companies Nabeel Abbas (footballer) (born 1986), Iraqi footballer Nabeel Jabbour, author, lecturer, and expert on Muslim culture Nabeel Kassis (born 1945), Palestinian academic and politician Nabeel Qureshi (author) (active from 2009), American Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi (director) (born 1985), Pakistani film director Nabeel Rajab
Nabeel Rajab
(born 1964), Bahraini human rights and opposition activist Nabeel Saleh Mubarak, Bahraini modern pentathlete Nabeel Shaukat Ali (born 1989), Pakistani singer Nabeel Yasin (born 1950), Iraqi poet, journalist and political activist

Family name

Dada Nabeel (born 1989), Indian football player Nasser Nabeel
Nasser Nabeel
(born 1990), Qatari footballer

People named Nabil[edit]


Nabíl-i-Akbar (1829–1892), one of the 19 Apostles of Bahá'u'lláh Nabíl-i-A`zam (1831–1892), "the Great Nabíl", Bahá'í historian

Given name

Nabil Abou-Harb (born 1984), American filmmaker, writer, producer Nabil Abidallah (born 1982), Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent Nabil Abdul Rashid (born 1987), English comedian of Nigerian descent. Nabil Adamou (born 1975), Algerian long jumper Nabil Al-Garbi (born 1993), Yemeni middle-distance runner Nabil Amr (born 1947), Palestinian politician Nabil Anani (born 1943), Palestinian artist Nabil Ashoor (born 1982), Omani footballer Nabil Aslam (born 1984), Pakistani Danish footballer Nabil Ayad, founder of the Diplomatic Academy of London Nabil Ayers, American musician and entrepreneur Nabil Ayouch
Nabil Ayouch
(born 1969), French-Moroccan television and film director, producer and writer Nabil Sabio Azadi (born 1991), Iranian-New Zealand artist Nabil Baalbaki (born 1978), Lebanese footballer Nabil Bahoui
Nabil Bahoui
(born 1991), Swedish footballer of Moroccan descent Nabil Ben Yadir, Moroccan-Belgian actor, film director and screenwriter Nabil Benabdallah
Nabil Benabdallah
(born 1959), Moroccan politician and minister Nabil Bentaleb
Nabil Bentaleb
(born 1994), Algerian footballer Nabil Al Busaidi (born 1970), British adventurer Nabil Choueiri (born 1950), Lebanese long-distance running athlete Nabil Ejenavi (born 1994), Algerian footballer Nabil El Zhar
Nabil El Zhar
(born 1986), Moroccan footballer, currently with Levante F.C. Nabil Elaraby
Nabil Elaraby
(born 1935), Egyptian diplomat and the Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elderkin, Australian photographer, music video and film director of mixed American / Iranian origin Nabil El-Nayal
Nabil El-Nayal
(born 1985), Syrian-born British fashion designer Nabil Elouahabi (born 1975), British Moroccan actor Nabil Esmail (born 1942), Egyptian chemical engineer Nabil Al Fadl
Nabil Al Fadl
(1949–2015), Kuwaiti politician Nabil Fahmy
Nabil Fahmy
(born 1951), Egyptian diplomat and politician Nabil Hasan al-Faqih, Yemeni politician Nabil Farouk (born 1956), Egyptian novelist Nabil Fekir
Nabil Fekir
(born 1993), French footballer Nabil Fiqri (born 1987), Malaysian field hocker player Nabil Gabol (born 1963), Pakistani politician Nabil Ghilas
Nabil Ghilas
(born 1990), Algerian footballer Nabil Gholam, Lebanese architect Nabil Haddad, priest in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church and a leading figure among Arab Christians in Jordan. Founder and director of the Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center (JICRC) in Amman, Jordan Nabil Hemani (1979–2014), Algerian footballer Nabil Jaadi (born 1996), Belgian footballer of Moroccan origin Nabil Jeffri (born 1993), Malaysian racing driver Nabil Kassel (born 1984), Algerian boxer Nabil Kebbab (born 1983), Algerian swimmer Nabil Kochaji
Nabil Kochaji
(born 1975), Syrian author, novelist and medical researcher Nabil Lasmari (born 1978), Algerian badminton player Nabil Maâloul (born 1962), Tunisian footballer and football coach Nabil Madi
Nabil Madi
(born 1981), Algerian middle distance runner Nabil Maleh (1936–2016), Syrian film director, screenwriter, producer, painter and poet Nabil Miskinyar
Nabil Miskinyar
(born 1948), Afghan TV host who currently runs a TV channel from United States called Ariana Nabil Nahas (born 1949), Lebanese New York-based artist and painter Nabil Neghiz, Algerian football manager Nabil Nosair (1938–2016), Egyptian footballer Nabil Omran (born 1981), Libyan futsal player Nabil Qaouk, Lebanese politician and cleric, member and deputy member of the executive council of Hezbollah Nabil Sahli (born 1978), better known by his stage name Nessbeal, French rapper Nabil Sahraoui (1966–2004), alias Mustapha Abou Ibrahim, Algerian Islamist militant, and the head of the radical Groupe Salafiste pour la Prédication et le Combat (GSPC, later renamed Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb) from August 2003 until his death in 2004 Nabil Salameh, also known as Nabil or Nabil Bey, Palestinian Lebanese-born singer, songwriter, musician, artist and journalist, founder of the world music bands Radiodervish and Al Darawish. Nabil Samad (born 1986), Bangladeshi cricketer Nabil Sawalha, Jordanian comedian Nabil Seidah (born 1949), Egyptian born Canadian Québécois scientist Nabil Shaath
Nabil Shaath
(born 1938), Palestinian official, chief negotiator and cabinet minister Nabil Shaban
Nabil Shaban
(born 1953), Jordanian-British actor and writer Nabil Al Shahmeh (born 1974), Syrian footballer Nabil Talhouni, Jordanian Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Middle name

Ahmad Nabil al-Alam, president of the Libyan Olympic Committee Antoine Nabil Andari (born 1949), Lebanese Curial Bishop of the Maronite Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch Kazi Nabil Ahmed, Bangladeshi politician and Member of Parliament Maikel Nabil Sanad (born 1985), Egyptian political activist Nabil Taïder (born 1983), French-born Tunisian international footballer Paul Nabil El-Sayah (born 1939), Archeparch of the Maronite Church and Curial Bishop of the Maronite Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch

Family name

Ahmed Nabil
Ahmed Nabil
(born 1986), Egyptian fencer Muhammad Nabil al-Khatib, Syrian politician Rahmatullah Nabil, Afghan politician, Head of the National Directorate of Security from 2010 to 2012 Shahrun Nabil (born 1986), Malaysian field hockey player Youssef Nabil
Youssef Nabil
(born 1972), Egyptian artist and photographer


Nabeel's Song, book by Jo Tatchell published accounting life of Iraqi poet Nabeel Yasin and his extended family Nabil Bank, commercial bank in Nepal


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