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NXT (also promoted as NXT 2.0) is a WWE brand extension, brand of the American professional wrestling Professional wrestling promotion, promotion WWE that was introduced on February 23, 2010. In its WWE NXT (seasons 1–5), original incarnation, NXT was a Reality television, reality-based television show in which rookies competed to become WWE Superstars. In 2012, NXT was relaunched as a separate brand and replaced the now-defunct Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as WWE's farm team, developmental territory. Primarily holding its events in the Orlando, Florida area since its relaunch, the brand would be expanded upon over time, having embarked on national and international tours. Wrestling critics and fans came to view NXT as its own distinct entity during this period, with the brand's shows being praised for their high quality matches and storylines. WWE would officially promote NXT as its third main brand in September 2019, when its WWE NXT, eponymous weekly series was expanded to a two-hour format, and moved to USA Network. The brand faced direct Nielsen ratings competition from All Elite Wrestling's flagship show, ''AEW Dynamite, Dynamite'', during this period as part of the "Wednesday Night Wars". In 2021, NXT's television series moved to Tuesday nights, and the brand would relaunch under the ''NXT 2.0'' banner later that year; reinstituting its original function as a developmental territory.Beth Phoenix on how NXT 2.0 changes affected the announce team - 411mania.com



NXT was formed in 2010, following the dissolution of the ECW (WWE brand), ECW brand. Initially, the NXT trademark was disputed between WWE and Scotland's Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA), whose developmental division was also called NXT. WWE worked with SWA to secure the NXT trademark for their new series with SWA's developmental branch being renamed "SWA: Source." In February 2010, WWE debuted the ''WWE NXT, NXT'' television program, the program featured rookies from WWE's Tampa, Florida-based developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) competing to become members of WWE's main roster.

As a Developmental territory

In June 2012, WWE ceased operating FCW, and instead started running all of its developmental events and operations at Full Sail University under the NXT banner. The television show would also be revamped the same month to focus exclusively on developmental talent. On February 27, 2014, NXT held a live, two-hour event, NXT Arrival, serving as the first live wrestling event for the newly launched WWE Network service. After the second live event in May 2014, NXT TakeOver, the "TakeOver" name would be used for future live NXT events airing on WWE Network. In March 2015, NXT promoted its first live event outside of Florida with an event in Columbus, Ohio. On August 22, 2015, NXT held its first TakeOver event outside of Full Sail University, with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn at New York City's Barclays Center—acting as a support event for SummerSlam (2015), SummerSlam. In December of the same year, NXT held its first TakeOver event outside of the United States with NXT TakeOver: London. By 2016, NXT was running approximately 200 shows per year between the United States and overseas.

Bill DeMott controversy

In late February and March 2015, several former NXT trainees previously working within WWE developmental system alleged misconduct by head trainer Bill DeMott, with Austin Matelson, Judas Devlin and Brandon Traven publicizing complaints which they claimed they had submitted to WWE management about DeMott back in March 2013 when they were still employed with WWE. Meanwhile, other ex trainees like Ryan Nemeth, Briley Pierce, Ethan Carter III, Derrick Bateman and independent wrestler Terra Calaway also made allegations in 2015, while previous allegations made in 2013 by Chad Baxter and Chase Donovan were also noted. They accused DeMott of making trainees perform dangerous drills, physically assaulting and bullying trainees, using homophobic and racial slurs amongst other derogatory terms and condoning sexual harassment. WWE released statements regarding some of the claims that came to light in 2013 and 2015, saying that investigations were done and no wrongdoing was found. On March 6, 2015, DeMott denied the allegations, but resigned from WWE.

The Wednesday Night Wars

On August 20, 2019, it was announced that the ''NXT'' television series would move to USA Network—the current broadcaster of WWE's flagship ''Monday Night Raw''—and expand into a two-hour, live broadcast on Wednesday nights beginning September 18, 2019. The timing of the premiere coincided with ''WWE SmackDown, SmackDown''s move to Fox Broadcasting Company, FOX in October. As a result of the move, the show would compete with All Elite Wrestling (AEW)'s weekly show, ''All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite, Dynamite'', on TNT (American TV network), TNT; marking the beginning of the "Wednesday Night Wars". On October 18, 2019, Drake Maverick – who himself was drafted to SmackDown but remained the General Manager of the 205 Live (WWE brand), 205 Live brand – announced that following the 2019 WWE Draft, he had made a talent exchange agreement with NXT General Manager William Regal, whereby NXT wrestlers (who are within the 205 pound weight limit) could also wrestle on ''WWE 205 Live, 205 Live''. In an interview with VultureHound Magazine on September 12, executive producer Paul "Triple H" Levesque would confirm that both the 205 Live and NXT UK (WWE brand), NXT UK brands would essentially be subsidiaries to NXT, with their respective talents and personnel falling under the NXT banner. On October 31, 2019, it was announced that NXT would take part in that year's Survivor Series (2019), Survivor Series, competing directly against Raw (WWE brand), Raw and SmackDown (WWE brand), SmackDown. In 2020, after winning that year's women's Royal Rumble (2020), Royal Rumble match, Charlotte Flair chose to challenge Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship at WrestleMania 36, establishing that NXT Championships are now also options for Rumble winners to choose as they are guaranteed a championship match of their choice at WrestleMania. Despite the brand's newly established status within WWE some independent journalists still referred to NXT as a developmental, with Raw and SmackDown viewed as WWE's "main roster." WWE wrestler Matt Riddle called NXT a "small ocean", while "when you get to the main roster you are in the ocean".

"NXT 2.0"

The Wednesday Night Wars came to an end in April 2021 when ''NXT'' was moved to Tuesday nights. After 12 NXT wrestlers were released from their contracts that August, Dave Scherer and Mike Johnson of ''Pro Wrestling Insider'' reported there had been internal talks of major changes to the brand, such as: "a new logo, new lighting, a focus on younger talents and a different format to the TV shows." Dave Meltzer reported that NXT would likely go back to its developmental roots, with "talent that are younger, bigger and that could someday main event at WrestleMania." WWE President Nick Khan subsequently confirmed that NXT would undergo a "complete revamp" overseen by Levesque. Dubbed "NXT 2.0", the revamp began on the September 14 episode of ''NXT''. ''WWE NXT'' and ''205 Live'' would emanate from a fully redesigned venue at the WWE Performance Center to coincide with the revamp, dropping the "Capitol Wrestling Center" name. The NXT TakeOver series would also be discontinued, with that year's NXT WarGames (2021), WarGames event being the brand's first PPV to not be held under the "TakeOver" name.

Championships and accomplishments

Current championships

*Notes :The WWE 24/7 Championship can also be defended on NXT 2.0 as they are shared among the brands. :The NXT Cruiserweight Championship is shared between NXT 2.0, NXT UK, and 205 Live

Other accomplishment(s)

Television show

The WWE Network was the main broadcaster of NXT's eponymous television program in the United States from 2014 to 2019. Regular episodes ran for one-hour and aired on tape delay, while live NXT TakeOver events were produced periodically. Beginning on May 17, 2012, WWE began filming ''NXT'' at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, with the venue being billed on air as "Full Sail Live". In its original format from 2010 to 2012, the series was a Television program#Seasons.2Fseries, seasonally-broadcast competition series that was filmed in large venues during the ''SmackDown'' tapings. The series saw "NXT Rookies" paired with "WWE Pros", with the pairs competing in challenges until one sole winner remained. As with WWE's main programming, the series followed scripted storylines, where wrestlers portrayed Face (professional wrestling), heroes, Heel (professional wrestling), villains, or Glossary of professional wrestling terms#Tweener, less distinguishable characters that built tension and culminated in a series of matches or challenges. Results were predetermined by WWE's writers, while storylines were produced on the weekly series. Over the course of its five-season run, the winners of each season were Wade Barrett (WWE NXT (seasons 1–5)#Season 1, Season 1), Low Ki, Kaval (WWE NXT (seasons 1–5)#Season 2, Season 2), Kaitlyn (wrestler), Kaitlyn (WWE NXT (seasons 1–5)#Season 3, Season 3) and Fandango (wrestler), Johnny Curtis (WWE NXT (seasons 1–5)#Season 4, Season 4). After WWE NXT (seasons 1–5)#NXT Redemption (Season 5), ''NXT Redemption'', the show's seasonal format was dropped.

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