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A health minister is the member of a country's government typically responsible for protecting and promoting public health and providing welfare and other social security services. Country-related articles and lists[edit]

Albania: Ministry of Health (Albania) Australia: Minister for Health (Australia) Austria: Minister of Health (Austria) Bahamas: Ministry of Health Barbados: Ministry of Health Belgium: Ministry of Public Health (Belgium) Brunei: Ministry of Health (Brunei) Cambodia: Ministry of Health, Cambodia Canada: Minister of Health (Canada) Czech Republic: Ministry of Health (Czech Republic) Cyprus: Minister of Health (Cyprus) Denmark: Health Minister (Denmark) European Union: European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy France: Minister of Health (France) Germany: Federal Minister for Health (Germany) Greece: Minister for Health and Social Solidarity (Greece) Hong Kong: Secretary for Food and Health Iceland: Ministry of Welfare India: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Indonesia: Minister of Health Iraq: Minister of Health (Iraq) Ireland: Minister for Health (Ireland) Israel: Health Minister of Israel Italy: Ministry of Health (Italy) Japan: Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
(Japan) South Korea: Health Minister of Korea Lithuania: Ministry of Health (Lithuania) Macedonia: Ministry of Health Malaysia: Ministry of Health (Malaysia) Mexico: Secretary of Health (Mexico) Myanmar: Ministry of Health and Sports (Myanmar) Netherlands: Ministry of Health, Welfare
and Sport New Zealand: Minister of Health (New Zealand) Nigeria: Federal Ministry of Health (Nigeria) Pakistan: Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination Peru: Ministry of Health (Peru)  Philippines: Secretary of Health or DOH Secretary  Russia: Minister of Health Singapore: Ministry of Health (Singapore)  South Africa: Minister of Health  Soviet Union: Minister of Health Republic of China (Taiwan): Ministry of Health and Welfare
(Republic of China)  Thailand: Ministry of Public Health (Thailand)  Turkey: Minister of Health  Uganda: Minister of Health United Kingdom:

: England: Secretary of State for Health Northern Ireland
(Current): Minister of Health  Northern Ireland
(Pre-1972): Minister of Health and Local Government Scotland: Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Wales: Welsh Assembly Government
Minister for Health and Social Services

Tanzania: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania Uruguay: Uruguayan Minister of Health United States: United States
United States
Secretary of Health and Human Services  Vietnam: Ministry of Health (Vietnam)

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