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Meet Me in Las Vegas
Meet Me in Las Vegas
(1956) is an MGM
musical comedy produced by Joe Pasternak, directed by Roy Rowland, filmed in Eastman Color (credited as Metrocolor) and CinemaScope, and starring Dan Dailey and Cyd Charisse. The film has a running time of 112 minutes. The screenplay is by Isobel Lennart, cinematography by Robert Bronner, music direction by George Stoll, and choreography by Hermes Pan and Eugene Loring.[2]


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Story[edit] Set in and around the Sands Hotel, the film has a fairly simple plot, telling "what happens when a gambling rancher (Dailey) discovers that all he has to do to win at roulette is take hold of ballerina Charisse's hand." The film was tailored for the talents of Charisse, showcasing her modern ballet dancing. Several popular singers are featured as themselves. The location shooting gives a good idea of what Las Vegas looked like in 1956.[3] Cast[edit]

Dan Dailey as Chuck Rodwell Cyd Charisse
Cyd Charisse
as Maria Corvier Agnes Moorehead
Agnes Moorehead
as Miss Hattie Lili Darvas
Lili Darvas
as Sari Hatvany Jim Backus
Jim Backus
as Tom Culdane Oskar Karlweis as Lotzi - Sands Blackjack Dealer Liliane Montevecchi
Liliane Montevecchi
as Lilli Cara Williams
Cara Williams
as Kelly Donavan George Chakiris
George Chakiris
as Young Groom (as George Kerris) Betty Lynn
Betty Lynn
as Young Bride Henry Slate as Slate Brother Jack Slate as Slate Brother Sid Slate as Slate Brother Pete Rugolo as Conductor John Brascia as Specialty Dancer

Brief appearances by Jerry Colonna, Paul Henreid, Lena Horne, Frankie Laine, and Mitsuko Sawamura. Cameo appearances include Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Vic Damone, Pier Angeli, Peter Lorre, and Tony Martin (who was married to Charisse until her death in 2008). Sammy Davis, Jr. sings "Frankie and Johnny" near the end of the film, danced by Charisse, Montevecchi, and Brascia, with special lyrics by Sammy Cahn and arranged by Johnny Green. Reception[edit] According to MGM
records the film earned $2,217,000 in the US and Canada and $1,497,000 elsewhere resulting in a loss of $496,000.[1] Honors[edit] The film received an Oscar nomination for best musical score. Home video[edit] The film, which has been shown on Turner Classic Movies, was released on DVD from Warner Brothers Archive Collection on July 8, 2011. See also[edit]

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