''Meanjin'' (), also known as ''Meanjin Quarterly'', is an Australian literary journal. The name is derived from the Turrbal word for the spike of land where the city Brisbane is located. It was founded in 1940 in Brisbane, by Clem Christesen. It moved to Melbourne in 1945 and is now a subsidiary of the University of Melbourne.


''Meanjin'' was founded in December 1940, in Brisbane, by Clem Christesen. It moved to Melbourne in 1945 when artist and patron Lina Bryans opened the doors of her Darebin Bridge House to the Meanjin group; Vance and Nettie Palmer, Rosa and Dolia Ribush, Jean Campbell, Laurie Thomas and Alan McCulloch. There they joined the moderates in the Contemporary Art Society (Norman Macgeorge, Clive Stephen, Isobel Tweddle and Rupert Bunny, Sybil Craig, Guelda Pyke, Elma Roach, Ola Cohn and Madge Freeman and George Bell). Bryans created a free circle, and was able to give the liberal, conservative modernist position in Melbourne a more vital character and a freer base than it would otherwise have had. ''Meanjin Papers'' was published under that name until 1947, and became ''Meanjin'' from 1947 to 1960, ''Meanjin Quarterly'' from 1961 to 1976, and again is ''Meanjin'' since 1976.''Australian Poets and Their Works'', by William Wilde. Oxford University Press, 1996 It is now a subsidiary of the University of Melbourne, and is published by Melbourne University Publishing.

Notable contributors

A list of the contributors to ''Meanjin'' includes Australian writers Judith Wright, Kylie Tennant, Manning Clark, Vance & Nettie Palmer, A D Hope, Dymphna Cusack, Martin Boyd, Alan Marshall, Dorothy Hewett, Peter Singer, Vincent Buckley, Donald Horne, Patrick White, Gwen Harwood, Bruce Dawe, David Malouf, Humphrey McQueen, Jack Hibberd, Roberta Sykes, Helen Garner, Alex Miller, Frank Moorhouse, John Morrison, Hal Porter, Rodney Hall, A A Phillips, Peter Carey, Alice Pung, Michelle de Kretser, Randa Abdel-Fattah and Dorothy Porter. International authors published include Carmen Callil, J M Coetzee, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Kurt Vonnegut.


''Meanjin'' publishes * poetry * fiction *graphic novels * reflective and scholarly essays * memoirs * commentary * review essays * interviews


* 1940 to 1974: Clem Christesen * 1974 to 1982: Jim Davidson * 1982 to 1987: Judith Brett * 1987 to 1994: Jenny Lee * 1994 to 1998: Christina Thompson * 1998 to 2002: Stephanie Holt * 2002 to 2008 Ian Britain * 2008 to 2011 Sophie Cunningham * 2011 to 2012 Sally Heath * 2013 to 2015 Zora Sanders * 2015 to present Jonathan Green

Fiction editors

* Current:

Poetry editors

dates not known: Coral Hull * mid-to-late 1970s: Kris Hemensley *1979 to 1982: Judith Rodriguez *1987 to 1994: Philip Mead *1994 to 1997: Laurie Duggan * 1998 to 2000: Coral Hull *1998: Brian Henry *2000 to 2005: Peter Minter *2005 to 2015: Judith Beveridge *2015 to present: Bronwyn Lea



*''Just City and The Mirrors: Meanjin Quarterly and the Intellectual Front, 1940–1965'', by Lyn Strahan, 1985 *''The Temperament of Generations: Fifty Years of Meanjin'', edited by Jenny Lee, Philip Mead, and Gerald Murnane.

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