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The Los Angeles City Council is the legislative body of the City of
Los Angeles Los Angeles (; es, Los Ángeles; "The Angels"), officially the City of Los Angeles and often abbreviated as L.A., is the List of cities and towns in California, largest city in California. With an estimated population of nearly four millio ...

Los Angeles
. The council is composed of 15 members elected from single-member districts for four-year terms. The president of the council and the president ''pro tempore'' are chosen by the council at the first regular meeting of the term (after June 30 in odd-numbered years until 2017 and the second Monday of December in even-numbered years beginning in 2020). An assistant president ''pro tempore'' is appointed by the President. As of 2020, council members receive an annual salary of $207,000 per year, which is among the highest city council salary in the nation. Regular council meetings are held in the
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City Hall
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am except on holidays or if decided by special resolution.

Current members

Officers: *President of the Council:
Nury Martinez Nury Martinez (born July 9, 1973) is an American politician, currently serving as a Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles City Councilmember for the Los Angeles City Council District 6, 6th district. A member of the Democratic Party (United States) ...
*President Pro Tempore:
Mitch O'Farrell Mitch O'Farrell is an American politician who currently serves as a member of the Los Angeles City Council The Los Angeles City Council is the legislative body of the City of Los Angeles Los Angeles (; es, Los Ángeles; "The Angels"), of ...

Mitch O'Farrell
*Assistant President Pro Tempore: ''Vacant''

Past councils

1850–1889 (Common Council)

Los Angeles was governed by a seven-member Common Council under general state law from 1850 to 1889, when a
city charterA city charter or town charter (generically, municipal charter) is a legal document (''charter A charter is the grant of authority or rights Rights are law, legal, social, or ethics, ethical principles of Liberty, freedom or entitlement; that ...
was put into effect.

1889–1909 (nine wards)

Under the first charter of the city, granted by the Legislature in 1889, the city was divided into nine wards, with a councilman elected from each one by plurality vote. The first election under that system was held on February 21, 1889, and the last on December 4, 1906. Two-year terms for the City Council began and ended in December, except for the first term, which started in February 1889 and ended in December 1890. The term of office was lengthened to three years effective with the municipal election of December 4, 1906, which was the last year this ward system was in use.

1909–1925 (at large)

Between 1909 and 1925, the council was composed of nine members elected at large in a
first-past-the-post voting In a first-past-the-post electoral system (FPTP or FPP; sometimes formally called single-member plurality voting or SMP; sometimes called choose-one voting for single-member districts, in contrast to ranked voting, ranked-choice voting), voters ...
system. Council membership in those years was as follows:


City population in 1910: 319,200 Election: December 7, 1909 / Term: December 10, 1909, to December 13, 1911 * Josiah J. Andrews * Martin F. Betkouski * Miles S. Gregory * Robert Martin Lusk, president from 3/22/1910 * Thomas L. O'Brien * Richmond Plant (resigned 2/13/1910) ** George Hadley Stewart (special election 6/30/1910) * William Johnson Washburn * George Williams * John Downey Works, president (resigned 3/22/1910) ** Frederick J. Whiffen (special election 6/30/1910)


Election: December 5, 1911 / Term: December 13, 1911, to July 1, 1913 *George Williams (California politician), George Williams, president * Josiah J. Andrews * Martin F. Betkouski * Frederick C. Langdon * Robert Martin Lusk (died 2/21/1913) ** Wesley J. Bryant (appointed 3/11/1913) * Charles McKenzie * Haines W. Reed * John Topham * Frederick J. Whiffen


Election: June 3, 1913 / Term: July 1913 to July 1915 * Frederick J. Whiffen, president * Martin F. Betkouski * Wesley J. Bryant * James Simpson Conwell * Frederick C. Langdon * Charles McKenzie (died 3/30/1914) ** William A. Roberts (appointed 4/4/1914) * Haines W. Reed (resigned 2/6/1914) **George Williams (appointed 2/6/1914) * John William Snowden * Frederick C. Wheeler


Election: June 1, 1915 / Term: July 1915 to July 1917 * Martin F. Betkouski, president * Robert T. Brain * James Simpson Conwell * Frederick C. Langdon * Estelle Lawton Lindsey * William A. Roberts * John Topham (removed 4/18/1917) **Michael Thomas Collins (appointed 4/18/1917) * Frederick C. Wheeler * Foster C. Wright


Election: June 5, 1917 / Term: July 1917 to July 1919 * Frank Lincoln Cleaveland * Othello Parker Conaway * Albert B. Conrad * James Simpson Conwell, president (died 12/15/1917) **Frank Harwood True (appointed 1/3/1918) * Ralph Luther Criswell * Bert L. Farmer, president from 1/3/1918 * Walter Mallard * Neal P. Olson * John Benjamin Reeves


City population in 1920: 576,700 Election: June 3, 1919 / Term: July 7, 1919, to July 5, 1921 * Othello Parker Conaway * Ralph Luther Criswell * Bert L. Farmer * Alexander Patterson Fleming (died 12/15/1920) ** Edward J. Delorey * Frederick C. Langdon * Walter Mallard * Winfred J. Sanborn * Frederick C. Wheeler * Boyle Workman, president


Election: June 7, 1921 / Term: July 1921 to July 1923 * Robert M. Allen * Othello Parker Conaway * Ralph Luther Criswell, president * Frederick C. Langdon * Walter Mallard * William C. Mushet * Winfred J. Sanborn * Robert Stewart Sparks * Frederick C. Wheeler


Election: June 5, 1923 / Term: July 1923 to July 1925 * Robert M. Allen * Edwin Baker * Ralph Luther Criswell * Miles S. Gregory * Walter Mallard * William C. Mushet * Winfred J. Sanborn * Frederick C. Wheeler * Boyle Workman, president

1925 and after (15 districts)

Regular terms begin on July 1 of odd-numbered years until 2017 and on the second Monday in December of even-numbered years starting with 2020.

See also

*Los Angeles Common Council *List of Los Angeles municipal election returns


*''Chronological Record of Los Angeles City Officials: 1850—1938'', Compiled under Direction of Municipal Reference Library City Hall, Los Angeles March 1938 (Reprinted 1966)

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