Apart from officials and representatives of member countries and observer countries, the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference will be the first to house the Centre for the non-governmental organization (NGOs) under the same roof as the conference proper. The NGOs representatives will be approved by registration to attend the Conference.

WTO officials

International officials

Hong Kong officials

NGO leaders

The General Council has further clarified the framework for relations with the NGOs by adopting a set of guidelines on 18 July 1996, which "recognizes the role NGOs can play to increase the awareness of the public in respect of WTO activities". On 26 May 2005, the General Council agreed on approving the attendance of Non-Governmental Organizations at the Sixth Session of the Ministerial Conference under the following registration procedures:

  • NGOs would be allowed to attend only the Plenary Sessions of the Conference (without the right to speak);
  • Applications from NGOs to be registered would be accepted on the basis of Article V, paragraph 2 of the WTO Agreement, i.e. NGOs "concerned with matters related to those of the WTO"; and
  • The registration of NGOs that wish to attend the Conference should be made on or before m29 July 2005.

NGOs Eligible for the conference:

International NGO leaders

Hong Kong NGO leaders

WTO members

Developing countries make up about three quarters of the total WTO membership. Together with countries currently in the process of "transition" to market-based economies, they play an increasingly important role in the WTO.

The Least-Developed Countries(LDCs)

The WTO regards the least-developed countries (LDCs)as countries which have been designated as such by the United Nations. There are currently 50 the least-developed countries on the UN list, 32 of which to date have become WTO members.

These are:

There are no WTO definitions of "developed" or "developing" countries. Developing countries in the WTO are designated on the basis of self-selection although this is not necessarily automatically accepted in all WTO bodies.

Observer governments

With the exception of the Holy See, observers must start accession negotiations within five years of becoming observers.

The Least-Developed Countries

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