Disney California Adventure is a Disney theme park in Anaheim, California, adjacent to Disneyland and part of the larger Disneyland Resort. It opened on February 8, 2001. Here is a list of the current attractions found therein, arranged by "land" and with brief descriptions. These are only attractions from the Disney California Adventure itself, not from Disneyland park or other parts of the Disneyland Resort, and that parades and character meets are not listed in this article. (The term "attractions" is used by Disney as a catch-all term for rides, shows, and exhibits.) Disney California Adventure currently has 34 attractions in the theme park.

Disney California Adventure began a major $1.2 billion USD renovation in 2008 that ended in 2012. Virtually every aspect of the park had some type of work done to it.

Buena Vista Street

A Bug's Land

Hollywood Land

Originally Hollywood Pictures Backlot, until it was renamed to Hollywood Land, in 2012.

Disney Animation:

Cars Land

Grizzly Peak

Pacific Wharf

Paradise Pier

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