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Legendary Comics is an American comic book publisher founded in 2010. The company is owned by Legendary Entertainment, a media company located in Burbank, California. The company publishes both original works and licenses ones based on films produced by Legendary Pictures.


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History[edit] Legendary Entertainment
Legendary Entertainment
first announced the launch of its comic book division, Legendary Comics, in 2010 with the appointment of editor-in-chief Bob Schreck.[2] The first graphic novel published by the company was Holy Terror by Frank Miller, which was released in 2011.[3] Bibliography[edit] Graphic novels and collections[edit] Legendary Comics has published several original graphic novels and collections of serialized works.

Name Release date Type Credits ISBN

Holy Terror 000000002011-09-28-0000September 28, 2011 Graphic novel (HC)

Story and art – Frank Miller Cover colors – Dave Stewart

ISBN 978-1937278007

Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero 000000002013-06-18-0000June 18, 2013 Graphic novel (HC)

Story – Travis Beacham Pencils – Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet, Pericles Junior, Chris Batista, and Geoff Shaw Inks – Matt Banning, Steve Bird, and Mark McKenna Colors – Tom Chu, Guy Major, and Dominic Regan Letters – Patrick Broussard Cover art – Alex Ross

ISBN 978-0785153948

Tower Chronicles 01 !The Tower Chronicles Book One: GeistHawk 000000002013-08-13-0000August 13, 2013 Collection (HC) (vols. #1–4)

Story – Matt Wagner Pencils – Simon Bisley Inks – Rodney Ramos Colors – Ryan Brown Letters – Sean Konot Cover art – Shane Davis

ISBN 978-0785185277

Shadow Walk 000000002013-12-17-0000December 17, 2013 Graphic novel (HC)

Story – Mark Waid Pencils – Shane Davis Inks – Mark Morales Colors – Morry Hollowell Letters – Jared K. Fletcher

ISBN 978-0785153979

Godzilla: Awakening 000000002014-05-13-0000May 13, 2014 Graphic novel (HC)

Story – Max Borenstein and Greg Borenstein Art – Eric Battle, Yvel Guichet, and Alan Quah Colors – Lee Loughridge Letters – Patrick Broussard Cover art – Arthur Adams

ISBN 978-1401250355

000000002014-09-16-0000September 16, 2014 Graphic novel (SC) ISBN 978-1401252526

Tower Chronicles 02.1 !The Tower Chronicles: DreadStalker Volume One 000000002015-02-17-0000February 17, 2015 Collection (SC) (issues #1–6)

Story – Matt Wagner Art – Simon Bisley Colors – Ryan Brown Letters – Sean Konot

ISBN 978-1937278366

A Town Called Dragon 000000002015-04-21-0000April 21, 2015 Collection (SC) (issues #1–5)

Story – Judd Winick Art – Geoff Shaw Colors – Jamie Grant Letters – Sean Konot

ISBN 978-1937278403

Epochalypse 000000002015-07-07-0000July 7, 2015 Collection (SC) (issues #1–6)

Story – Jonathan Hennessey Art – Shane Davis Colors – Morry Hollowell Letters – Pat Brosseau

ISBN 978-1937278496

Annihilator 000000002015-08-18-0000August 18, 2015 Collection (HC) (issues #1–6)

Story – Grant Morrison Art and colors – Frazer Irving Letters – Jared K. Fletcher

ISBN 978-1937278441

Tower Chronicles 02.2 !The Tower Chronicles: DreadStalker Volume Two 000000002015-08-18-0000August 18, 2015 Collection (SC) (issues #7–12)

Story – Matt Wagner Art – Simon Bisley Colors – Ryan Brown Letters – Sean Konot

ISBN 978-1937278540

Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead 000000002015-10-06-0000October 6, 2015 Graphic novel (SC)

Story – Marc Andreyko, Todd Casey, Michael Dougherty, and Zach Shields Art – Stephen Byrne, Fiona Staples, Stuart Sayger, and Zid Colors – Guy Major, Riccardo Rullo, and José Villarrubia Letters – Troy Peteri

ISBN 978-1937278854

Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas 000000002015-11-24-0000November 24, 2015 Graphic novel (SC)

Story – Todd Casey, Michael Dougherty, Laura Shields, and Zach Shields Art – Christian DiBari, Maan House, Michael Montenat, and Stuart Sayger Colors – Guy Major and Michael Spicer Letters – John J. Hill Cover art – Fiona Staples

ISBN 978-1937278847

Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum !The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum 000000002016-05-10-0000May 10, 2016 Collection (SC) (issues #1–6)

Story – Marc Guggenheim Art – Freddie Williams II Colors – Chris Sotomayor Letters – Pat Brosseau

ISBN 978-1681160146

Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood 000000002016-06-07-0000June 7, 2016 Graphic novel (HC)

Story – Paul Cornell
Paul Cornell
and Chris Metzen Art – Mat Broome

ISBN 978-1681160139

Black Bag 000000002016-07-05-0000July 5, 2016 Collection (SC) (issues #1–6)

Story – Chris Roberson Art – J. B. Bastos Colors – Jamie Grant Letters – Tom Orzechowski Cover pencils – Drew Johnson Cover inks – Jamie Grant

ISBN 978-1681160276

Cops for Criminals 000000002016-07-05-0000July 5, 2016 Collection (SC) (issues #1–5)

Story – Steven Grant Art and colors – Pete Woods Letters – Sean Konot Cover art – Dave Johnson

ISBN 978-1681160290

Pacific Rim: Tales from Drift !Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift 000000002016-07-05-0000July 5, 2016 Collection (SC) (issues #1–4)

Story – Travis Beacham
Travis Beacham
and Joshua Hale Fialkov Art – Marcos Marz Colors – Marcelo Maiolo Letters – Troy Peteri

ISBN 978-1681160085

The Rise and Fall of Axiom 000000002016-08-23-0000August 23, 2016 Graphic novel (SC)

Story – Mark Waid Art – Ed Benes Colors – Dinei Ribeiro Letters – Dezi Sienty

ISBN 978-1937278731

Great Wall Last Survivor !The Great Wall: Last Survivor 000000002017-01-24-0000January 24, 2017 Graphic novel (HC)

Story – Arvid Nelson with Barnaby Legg Art – Gian Fernando with Joel Gomez Colors – Guy Major Letters – Pat Brosseau

ISBN 978-1681160337

Spectral: Ghosts of War 000000002017-02-01-0000February 1, 2017 Graphic novel (e-book)

Story – Seamus Kevin Fahey and Sean Fahey Art – Zid

Skull Island: Birth of Kong 000000002017-12-12-0000December 12, 2017 Collection (SC) (issues #1–4)

Story – Arvid Nelson Art – Zid Colors – Zid with Muhammad Iqbal, Kinsun Loh, and Riri Mashuri Letters – John Roshell

ISBN 978-1681160351

Uncollected series[edit]

The Harvester (February 2015 – October 2015, #1–9, story by Brandon Seifert, art by Eric Battle, colors by Lee Loughridge, letters by Sean Konot, cover colors by Dominic Regan) The Tower Chronicles: Fellquest (October 2015 – February 2017, #1–12, story by Matt Wagner, pencils by Simon Bisley, colors by Ryan Brown) Firebrand: The Initiation of Natali Presano (November 2016 – July 2017, #1–25, story by Jessica Chobot
Jessica Chobot
and Erika Lewis, art by Claudia Aguirre)[4] Pacific Rim: Aftermath (January 2018 – June 2018, #1–6, story by Cavan Scott, art by Richard Elson, colors by Guy Major)[5] The Majestic Files (TBA, story by J. Michael Straczynski, pencils by Geoff Shaw, inks by Matt Banning)[6]


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