Kenneth "Ken" J. George, is a Cornish oceanographer, poet, and linguist[1] noted as being the originator of Kernewek Kemmyn, an orthography for the Cornish language which he claims is more faithful to Middle Cornish phonology than its precursor (Unified Cornish).

George has published over eighty items relating to Celtic linguistics, including several dictionaries of Cornish. His edition of the recently discovered Middle Cornish play Bewnans Ke was published by the Cornish Language Board in May 2006.[2] George received a Commendation for this work in the 2007 Holyer an Gof awards. He has translated numerous hymns and songs into Cornish, and also the lyrics of Die Zauberflöte. He has composed a substantial amount of poetry in Cornish, including the full-length play Flogholeth Krist, in the style of the Ordinalia.

George lives in Cornwall, and speaks Breton and French as well as English and Cornish. George was formerly Principal Lecturer in Ocean Science in the Institute of Marine Studies at the University of Plymouth.

George was made a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow in 1979, taking the Bardic name Profus an Mortyd ('Tide Predictor'). This reflected one of his research interests in oceanography, the other being numerical modelling. He has over fifty publications in the oceanographic field, including the textbook Tides for Marine Studies, which has sold over 1000 copies.

George is a Gorsedh Kernow representative committee member of the Kesva an Taves Kernewek (Cornish Language Board) which is a body promoting the Cornish language.[3]

George took early retirement in 2006, and has recently[when?] been learning Japanese.[citation needed]