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Just Any Woman (Spanish: Una mujer cualquiera) is a 1949 Spanish drama film directed by Rafael Gil and starring María Félix, Antonio Vilar and Mary Delgado.[1]


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María Félix
María Félix
as Nieves Blanco Antonio Vilar as Luis Mary Delgado
Mary Delgado
as Isabel Juan Espantaleón as Comisario José Nieto as Vecino Juan de Landa as Padre de Luis Manolo Morán as Taxista Eduardo Fajardo
Eduardo Fajardo
as Ricardo Fernando Fernández de Córdoba as Doctor Ángel de Andrés as Camionero Carolina Giménez as Rosa Ricardo Acero as Viajero tren Julia Caba Alba as Ofelia María Isbert as Pasajera tren Félix Fernández as Julio Rafael Bardem
Rafael Bardem
as Diseñador de moda José Prada as Policía tren Manuel Requena as Sereno Manuel Aguilera as Ayudante comisario Luis Rivera Arturo Marín as Revisor tren Manuel San Román Francisco Bernal as Manuel Tomás Blanco as Marido de Nieves Manuel Guitián as Fidel Casimiro Hurtado as Mecánico Julia Lajos
Julia Lajos
as Tía Pilar Santiago Rivero as Ramón Emilio Santiago as Recepcionista hotel


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