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is a variant of the masculine given name Joseph, notably used in Germany, Austria
and the Czech Republic. People so named include:

Josef Abrhám
Josef Abrhám
(born 1939), Czech film and stage actor Josef Ludwig von Armansperg
Josef Ludwig von Armansperg
(1787-1853), Bavarian government minister, Regent and Prime Minister of Greece Josef Bühler
Josef Bühler
(1904-1948), German Nazi government official executed for crimes against humanity Josef Dobrovský
Josef Dobrovský
(1753-1829), Czech philologist and historian Josef Dietrich
Josef Dietrich
(1892-1966), German World War II Waffen-SS general and war criminal Josef Doležal (1920-1999), Czechoslovak race walker Josef Ertl (1925-2000), German politician Josef Frank (architect)
Josef Frank (architect)
(1885–1967), Austrian-born architect, artist, and designer Josef Fritzl
Josef Fritzl
(born 1935), Austrian sex offender Josef Gočár
Josef Gočár
(1880-1945), Czech architect Josef Hladký (born 1962), Czech-German retired medley swimmer Josef Hoffmann
Josef Hoffmann
(1870-1956), Austrian architect and designer of consumer goods Josef Hügi (1930-1995), Swiss footballer Josef
Imbach (other) Josef
Ježek, Czech politician Josef Jungmann
Josef Jungmann
(1773-1847), Czech poet and linguist Josef Košťálek (1909-1971), Czech footballer Josef Kramer
Josef Kramer
(1906–1945), German commandant of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp executed for war crimes Josef Lontscharitsch (born 1970), Austrian former road cyclist Josef Albert Meisinger
Josef Albert Meisinger
(1899–1947), also known as the "Butcher of Warsaw", German Nazi SS and Gestapo officer executed for war crimes Josef Mengele
Josef Mengele
(1911-1979), German World War II SS officer, physician and war criminal Josef
Muller (other) Josef Václav Myslbek
Josef Václav Myslbek
(1848-1922), Czech sculptor Josef Mysliveček
Josef Mysliveček
(1737-1781), Czech composer Josef Newgarden
Josef Newgarden
(born 1990), American IndyCar Series driver Josef Oberhauser
Josef Oberhauser
(1915–1979), German Nazi SS concentration camp commandant and Holocaust perpetrator Josef Odložil
Josef Odložil
(1938-1993), Czech middle-distance runner Josef
Schmid (other) Josef
Schneider (other) Josef Schwammberger (1912–2004), Nazi SS forced labor camp commandant Josef von Sternberg
Josef von Sternberg
(1894-1969), Austrian-American film director born Jonas Sternberg Josef Strauss
Josef Strauss
(1827-1870), Austrian composer, brother of Johann Strauss II Josef Suk (composer)
Josef Suk (composer)
(1874-1935), Czech composer and violinist Josef Suk (violinist)
Josef Suk (violinist)
(1929-2011), his grandson, Czech violinist and conductor Josef Wüst
Josef Wüst
(1925-2003), Austrian journalist, editor-in-chief and publisher Josef
Sepp Zeilbauer (born 1952), Austrian former decathlete

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