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John M. St. Polis (November 24, 1873 – October 8, 1946) was an American actor.[1]


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Biography[edit] St. Polis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before starting his film career, he made a name for himself on the Broadway stage, most notably in the role of Frederik in the original production of The Return of Peter Grimm (1911–12) and the play's revival in 1921, both performed at the Belasco Theatre. He appeared in 126 films between 1914 and 1943. In all of his early roles, the actor is billed as John Sainpolis. His best-known performances are as Etienne Laurier in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921), and as Comte Phillipe de Chagny in The Phantom of the Opera (1925). St. Polis successfully made the transition from silent cinema to "talkies" with one of his most praised performances as Dr. John M. Besant, the father of Norma Besant (played by Mary Pickford) in Coquette (1929). Death[edit] He died on October 8, 1946 in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California
from undisclosed causes, aged 72. Selected filmography[edit]

Soldiers of Fortune (1914) Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors (1914) Wormwood (1915) Bondwomen (1915) The Salamander (1916) The Yellow Passport
The Yellow Passport
(1916) The Social Highwayman (1916) The World Against Him (1916) The Fortunes of Fifi
The Fortunes of Fifi
(1917) Sapho (1917) Sleeping Fires
Sleeping Fires
(1917) The Mystic Hour (1917) The Love That Lives (1917) Public Defender (1917) The Mark of Cain (1917) Resurrection (1918) All Woman (1918) Money Mad (1918) Laughting Bill Hyde (1918) Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand (1918) The Poison Pen (1919) The Great Lover (1920) Old Dad (1920) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) Cappy Ricks
Cappy Ricks
(1921) Shadows (1922) The Hero (1923) Three Wise Fools (1923) The Untameable (1923) The Social Code (1923) A Prince of a King (1923) Woman-Proof
(1923) Held to Answer (1923) A Fool's Awakening (1924) Three Weeks (1924) Mademoiselle Midnight
Mademoiselle Midnight
(1924) Those Who Dance (1924) The Alaskan (1924) In Every Woman's Life (1924) The Rose of Paris (1924) The Folly of Vanity (1924) The Dixie Handicap
The Dixie Handicap
(1924) The Phantom of the Opera (1925) Paint and Powder (1925) My Lady's Lips
My Lady's Lips
(1925) The Far Cry
The Far Cry
(1926) The Greater Glory
The Greater Glory
(1926) The Lily (1926) The Return of Peter Grimm (1926) Too Many Crooks (1927) The Unknown (1927) A Woman's Way (1928) The Grain of Dust (1928) The Power of Silence (1928) Marriage by Contract (1928) The Gun Runner (1928) The Diplomats (1929) Why Be Good? (1929) Coquette (1929) Fast Life (1929) Party Girl (1930) The Melody Man
The Melody Man
(1930) In the Next Room (1930) The Three Sisters (1930) The Bad One
The Bad One
(1930) A Devil with Women
A Devil with Women
(1930) Kismet (1930) Captain Thunder (1930) Guilty?
(1930) The Criminal Code
The Criminal Code
(1931) Beau Ideal
Beau Ideal
(1931) Doctors' Wives (1931) Men of the Sky
Men of the Sky
(1931) Transgression (1931) Their Mad Moment (1931) The Gay Diplomat
The Gay Diplomat
(1931) Heartbreak (1931) The Wide Open Spaces (1931) Alias the Doctor
Alias the Doctor
(1932) Lena Rivers (1932) Symphony of Six Million
Symphony of Six Million
(1932) Forbidden Company (1932) The Crusader (1932) False Faces (1932) If I Had a Million
If I Had a Million
(1932) Call Her Savage
Call Her Savage
(1932) Gambling Sex (1932) The Match King
The Match King
(1932) Terror Trail (1932) The World Gone Mad (1933) King of the Arena (1933) Cocktail Hour (1933) Notorious but Nice (1933) Sing Sinner Sing
Sing Sinner Sing
(1933) Guilty Parents (1934) The President Vanishes
The President Vanishes
(1934) Death from a Distance
Death from a Distance
(1935) The Lady in Scarlet (1935) A Night at the Opera (1935) Magnificent Obsession (1935) The Dark Hour (1936) Call of the Prairie (1936) Three on the Trail (1936) Below the Deadline (1936) The Border Patrolman (1936) Woman in Distress (1937) Borderland (1937) Paradise Isle
Paradise Isle
(1937) Rustlers' Valley (1937) Jungle Menace
Jungle Menace
(1937) The Shadow Strikes
The Shadow Strikes
(1937) Saleslady (1938) Mr. Wong, Detective
Mr. Wong, Detective
(1938) International Crime (1938) Phantom Ranger (1938) The Mysterious Rider (1938) Boys' Reformatory
Boys' Reformatory
(1939) They Shall Have Music
They Shall Have Music
(1939) Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940) Knights of the Range (1940) Rocky Mountain Rangers (1940) On the Spot (1940) Haunted House (1940) Federal Fugitives
Federal Fugitives
(1941) The Hard-Boiled Canary
The Hard-Boiled Canary
(1941) Hurricane Smith (1941) Reap the Wild Wind
Reap the Wild Wind
(1942) Crossroads (1942) Assignment in Brittany
Assignment in Brittany


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