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John Kennedy College is a boys school in Beau-Bassin, Mauritius. It is one of the largest secondary schools in Mauritius. It was founded in 1963 and inaugurated by the then Governor General Sir John Shaw Rennie. The school is named after American president John F. Kennedy. Its students are known as "Kennedians". The school's emblem is the American bald eagle. The main areas of focus of John Kennedy College are the sciences, technology and economics. Initially the school was more technically oriented but has since diversified.[citation needed]


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The Eagles[edit]

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The Eagles is the name of the school magazine published by the school. School magazines have existed since the 1970s. The first school magazines were published monthly but however, it was then published annually. Students could express their ideas and their vision through the magazines. The Eagles at the time were very successful. One famous part of the magazine was the famous quotes by JKC teachers. The most recent magazine is Eagles 2013, a magazine which commemorated the 50 years of existence of the school. This magazine is the first one to be completely designed by the students themselves. JKC Golden Jubilee[edit] In 2013, the John Kennedy College celebrated the 50th anniversary laying of its foundation stone. A souvenir magazine entitled "Eagles 2013" covering the history and present of the school was launched. The rector launched a special program for the two years celebration of the 50th anniversary. The official 50th anniversary of the opening of the school will be celebrated in 2015. An official former students association is to be created soon connecting kennedians from all decades together with the actual students in upper six who are the first batch of students to enroll JKC again as from form 1, soon to be the former students. References[edit]

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