Jawi may refer to:

People and languages

*Australia: **Jawi dialect, a nearly extinct Australian aboriginal language **Jawi people, an Australian Aboriginal people of the Kimberley coast of Western Australia whose speak or spoke Jawi dialect *Asia: **Jawi alphabet, an Arabic script developed for writing Malay and other languages in Southeast Asia, today mostly used only the more conservative Malay-populated areas of Indonesia **Jawi Peranakan, a community of a Malay, South Asian and Arab heritage concentrated in Penang and Singapore


*Jawi, Penang, a town in the state of Penang, Malaysia *Jawi (woreda), a woreda or district in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia *Jawi temple, a 13th-century syncretic Hindu-Buddhist temple in East Java, Indonesia {{Disambig|geo Category:Language and nationality disambiguation pages th:อักษรยาวี