IFAF World Championship of American Football
Most recent season or competition:
2015 IFAF World Championship
SportAmerican football
No. of teams12 (tournament)
71 (eligible national teams)
Most recent
 United States (3rd title)
Most titles United States (3 titles)
Official websiteifafworldchampionship.org

The IFAF World Championship of American Football (also known as the IFAF World Cup) is an international gridiron competition held every four years[1] and contested by teams representing member nations. The competition is run by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), the international governing body for the sport. Seventy-one nations have a national American football team. The most recent tournament, in 2015, featured seven teams.

The defending champions are the United States, who won the 2015 championship after winning both the 2007 and 2011 editions. The U.S. team did not participate in the World Cup until 2007 and have won every tournament since. Prior to U.S. participation, Japan won the 1999 and 2003 championships.

The championship was held in Italy in 1999, in Germany in 2003, in Kawasaki, Japan in 2007, and in Austria in 2011. The 2015 IFAF World Championship was originally going to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, however local organizers had to cancel the event due to lack of sponsorship.[2] The 2015 tournament was played in Canton, Ohio, United States.[3]