The House of Representatives of the People or Da Afghanistan Wolesi Jirga (in ps|دَ افغانستان ولسي جرګه), is the lower house of the bicameral National Assembly of Afghanistan, alongside the upper House of Elders. The House of Representatives of the People is the chamber that bears the greater burden of lawmaking in the country, as with the House of Commons in the Westminster model. It consists of 250 delegates directly elected by single non-transferable vote. Members are elected by district and serve for five years. The constitution guarantees at least 68 delegates to be female. Kuchi nomads elect 10 representatives through a Single National Constituency. The House of Representatives of the People has the primary responsibility for making and ratifying laws and approving the actions of the president. The first elections in decades were held in September 2005, four years after the fall of the Taliban regime, still under international (mainly UN and NATO) supervision. The 2010 Wolesi Jirga election was held on September 18, 2010 and the 2018 Wolesi Jirga election was held on October 20, 2018 after almost three years of delay The new Parliament was later inaugurated on April 26, 2019.http://prod.tolonews.com/afghanistan/ghani-inaugurates-parliament


Elections were last held on October 20, 2018. Originally, they had been scheduled for 15 October 2016, but were initially postponed to 7 July 2018, and then again to 20 October. The current Parliament was later sworn in by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on April 26, 2019. The current Parliament is also Afghanistan 17th Parliament. The same day final results from four Afghanistan provinces revealed, among other things, that House of the People former speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi of Kunduz had been re-elected to the House of the People as well.

Chairpersons of the Administrative Boards

Chairpersons of the Administrative Boards of the Wolesi Jirga since establishment of Parliamentary institutions in 1931.

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