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†Apletotomeus Heliscomys Passaliscomys Tylionomys

is a family of extinct rodents from the mid- Tertiary of North America
North America
related to pocket gophers (family Geomyidae) and kangaroo rats and their relatives (family Heteromyidae). The family contains four genera, Apletotomeus, Heliscomys, Passaliscomys, and Tylionomys (Korth et al., 1991; Korth and Eaton, 2004; Korth and Branciforte, 2007). McKenna and Bell (1997) placed the first two genera in synonymy, with Heliscomys the senior synonym. Characteristics[edit] Heliscomyids are distinguished from other geomyoid rodents by several characteristics of the skull including fusion of three cranial foramina, elongation of the incisive foramina, and an unusual position of the mental foramen (Korth et al., 1991). Taxonomy[edit] Heliscomyidae
is a member of the clade Geomyoidea, a group of rodents that also includes the families †Eomyidae, †Florentiamyidae, Heteromyidae, and Geomyidae. The following cladogram showing interrelationships among geomyoid families follows Korth et al. (1991):





(pocket gophers)

(kangaroo rats and mice, pocket mice)


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(Geomyoidea: Rodentia) Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 11(2):247-256. McKenna, Malcolm C., and Bell, Susan K. 1997. Classification of Mammals Above the Species Level. Columbia University Press, New York, 631 pp. ISBN 0-231-11013-8

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Prehistoric families in order Rodentia

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Infraclass: Eutheria Superorder: Euarchontoglires


Allomyidae Mylagaulidae Reithroparamyidae


Eutypomyidae Rhizospalacidae Eomyidae Florentiamyidae Heliscomyidae


Armintomyidae Anomalomyidae Simimyidae




Tamquammyidae Gobiomyidae Yuomyidae Chapattimyidae Tsaganomyidae "Baluchimyinae" Bathyergoididae Myophiomyidae Diamantomyidae Phiomyidae Kenyamyidae Cephalomyidae Eocardiidae Neoepiblemidae Heptaxodontidae

incertae sedis

Eurymylidae Alagomyidae Archetypomyidae Cocomyidae Ivanantoniidae Laredomyidae Ischyromyidae Theridomyidae Protoptychidae Zegdoumyidae Sciuravidae Cylindrodontidae Zelomyidae

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Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q5706157 Fossilworks: 308768 GBIF: 4828794

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