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Bean Jar (guernésiais : enne Jarraie d'Haricaots ; French : pot de haricots de Guernesey) is a local dish of the Channel Island of Guernsey. The traditional Guernsey
Bean Jar has been around for centuries, and still proves popular today. It is a cassoulet-type bean dish.


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History[edit] Bean Jar has long been a well known part of Guernsey
culture. Bakers would allow residents to cook the dish in their ovens overnight, to be eaten at breakfast. This was common practice until the 1920s,[1] especially on Sundays when the ovens were not used.[2] The dish is still popular in Guernsey, with local cafes and restaurants often featuring the dish in colder months. It is also served at Lé Viaer Marchi, a National Trust of Guernsey
annual festival. Recipes[edit] No two Bean Jar recipes are alike; except the BBC, Tostevin, and Hedgecomber ones which are identical.

BBC Tostevin.net Good food Food.com Visit Guernsey Hedge Combers

Riverford Nigella Bumble Bee Cottage Gusto TV Travel by Stove Cook it Simply

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^ "Bean Jar". BBC.  ^ "Learn To Cook Traditional Guernsey
Dishes". Visit Guernsey. 

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