Generative may refer to: * Generative actor, a person who instigates social change * Generative art, art that has been created using an autonomous system that is frequently, but not necessarily, implemented using a computer * Generative music, music that is ever-different and changing, and that is created by a system Mathematics and science * Generative anthropology, a field of study based on the theory that history of human culture is a genetic or "generative" development stemming from the development of language * Generative model, a model for randomly generating observable data in probability and statistics * Generative programming, a type of computer programming in which some mechanism generates a computer program to allow human programmers write code at a higher abstraction level * Generative sciences, an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary science that explores the natural world and its complex behaviours as a generative process * Generative systems, systems that use a few basic rules to yield patterns which can be extremely varied and unpredictable Language * Generative grammar, an approach to theoretical linguistics based on sets of rules that generate grammatically correct sentences * Generative lexicon, a theory of semantics which focuses on the distributed nature of compositionality in natural language * Generative metrics, theories of verse structure based on generative linguistic ideas * Generative principle, the idea in foreign language teaching that humans have the capacity to generate an infinite number of phrases from a finite grammatical competence * Generative semantics, an approach developed from transformational generative grammar that assumes that deep structures are the sole input to semantic interpretation

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