Gen may refer to: * ''Gen'' (film), 2006 Turkish horror film directed by Togan Gökbakar * Gen (Street Fighter), a video game character from the ''Street Fighter'' series * Gen Fu, a video game character from the ''Dead or Alive'' series * Gen language, the language of Togo * Gen-san, a character in the anime series ''Sky Girls'' *, Japanese Nordic combined skier *, Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and writer *, Japanese footballer *, Japanese novelist, visual novel writer and anime screenwriter *, Japanese engineer and businessman *, Japanese politician *, Japanese ballet dancer and choreographer Gen. or GEN may refer to: * General officer, a high senior rank in the military * GEN Corporation, of Japan * GEN Energija, a state-owned power company in Slovenia * GEN, a website published by Medium * Global Ecovillage Network * Global Editors Network * ''Gewestelijk ExpresNet'', Dutch name for the Brussels Regional Express Network, a commuter rail service *Genitive case {{disambiguation|given name Category:Japanese masculine given names