The French (French: Wikipédia en français) is the French-language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. This edition was started in March 2001, and has 1,974,955 articles as of April 14, 2018, making it the fifth-largest overall, after the English-, Dutch-, German-, Swedish- and Cebuano-language editions, the largest edition in a Romance language. It has the third-largest number of edits. It was also the third edition, after the English and German, to exceed 1 million encyclopedia articles: this occurred on 23 September 2010.[1] In April 2016, the project had 4657 active editors who made at least five edits in that month.

In 2008, the French encyclopaedia, Quid, cancelled its 2008 edition, citing falling sales on competition from the French edition of.[2]

As of June 2014, has an Alexa ranking of 6 and 5.06% of those visits are to the French-language edition.[3] As of April 2018, there are 3,076,000 users, 164 admins and 53,973 files on the French.[4]

On December 2, 2014, the French-language encyclopedia became the 3rd[5] linguistic edition by number of registered users since its creation, overtaking for the first time the German edition, with 2,022,504 registered users,[6][7] behind the English (23,300,456)[8] and Spanish (3,401,493)[9] language editions.

According to a 2013 study by the Oxford Internet Institute, Ségolène Royal (FR) and unidentified flying object (objet volant non identifié) were the most controversial articles on the French.[10]


Origin of edits (2014/01 - 2014/03) Source
United Kingdom
United States
The countries in which the French is the most popular language version of are shown in dark blue. Countries where the French ranks second are in light blue.[11]

The audience measurement company Médiamétrie questioned a sample of 8,500 users residing in France with access to Internet at home or at their place of work. Médiamétrie found that in June 2007, French had: 7,910,000 unique visitors that visited the site at least once during the month of June 2007 (compared to 4,355,000 unique visitors in June 2006); 2.7 visits per visitor during the period (2.0 visits in June 2006); had held the 12th position (21st in 2006) in "the Top 30 most visited sites in France, excluding Internet applications," according to the criterion of the number of unique visitors and 12th position in "the Top 30 most visited sites in France, including Internet applications," like eMule or Real Networks (22nd position in June 2006).

By August 2011, French was the 7th most visited site in France, with nearly 16 million unique visitors a month (according to Médiamétrie). In April 2012, it had 20 million unique visitors per month, or 2.4 million per day[12] with over 700 million page views.[13]


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