Freaky Stories is a Canadian animated anthology television series, which was originally broadcast by YTV in English and Canal Famille (now VRAK.TV) in French (5-minute versions using the French title Frissons). It is an animated show about urban legends hosted by two animatronic puppets, Larry de Bug, a cockroach, (voiced by James Rankin) and his gooey sidekick, Maurice the maggot (voiced by Dan Redican) in Ted's Diner - a 1940s era diner setting staffed by Rosie the waitress (voiced by Jayne Eastwood, but never seen - Season One only).

It was often part of The Three Friends and Jerry when it aired on Fox Family. This series, described as "a Twilight Zone for kids," centers on the kind of myths and legends that are told as scary campfire or bedtime stories. Every episode always starts with and finishes with the phrase: "This is a true story, and it happened to a friend of a friend of mine." and by the words of Larry, "Just because they never happened, doesn't mean they ain't true." Animation styles and musical scoring varied within each half-hour episode, incorporating 20 different looks in the first season alone. The short stories and changing styles were specifically designed to keep viewers' attention span.

Series creator Steve Schnier successfully pitched his concept of modern urban legends to YTV in 1991. In 1994, Steve teamed with executive producer John Delmage. The resulting Freaky Stories pilot premiered during YTV's "Dark Night 3" Halloween block on October 28, 1995,[2] and the series itself premiered as a one-hour special as part of "Dark Night 5" on October 24, 1997.[1] While most episodes were finished on digibeta,[3] the pilot was shot on film using traditional animation techniques but completed on video. The subsequent series was digitally inked, painted and composited.[4]


Additional narrator cast


Season 1

  • Episode 1: The Big Queasy 24 Oct. 1997
  • Episode 2: Boys and Ghouls
  • Episode 3: Animal Maggotism
  • Episode 4: Take this Job and Love it
  • Episode 5: Designer Tales
  • Episode 6: Boo!
    • Snached/Graveyard Wager/Puddle and the Glow Monster/The Vampire
  • Episode 7: When you Gotta Go, you Gotta Go
  • Episode 8: Law and Disorder
  • Episode 9: Not the Waltons
  • Episode 10: Oops!
  • Episode 11: Gotcha!
  • Episode 12: School Daze
    • Field Trip/The Story/Panty Raid/The Experiment
  • Episode 13: End of the Day

Season 2

  • Episodes 1-7 (14-20) TBA
  • Episode 21/8: The Smell of Fear/The Need for Speed/Zit's a Horrible Life/The Girl with the Hoarky Cough
  • Episode 22/9: A Fishy Story/Apologies to Steinbeck/Dumped in the Outback/The Creeping Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
  • Episode 23/10: Femme Fatale/Field of Seeds/The Immortal Osgood Toadworthy/The Iron Fist Principal
  • Episode 24/11: Did You Have Fun at the Party?/Last Laugh/Sewer Swimming Hole/The Boy Who Cried Alien
  • Episode 25/12: Choc-Roaches/Go Find Something to Do, Kid!/The Rich Fart
  • Episode 26/13: Pirates/Smelly Kelly/The Big Question/The Man Who Picked His Brain

Season 3

  • Episode 27/1: Double Your Pleasure/Deep Forest Diver/Hocus Pocus/The Prize
  • Episode 28/2: Rugs R Us/Fishin' Hole/Bean Boy/The 13th Floor
  • Episode 29/3: Duelling Sisters
  • Episode 30/4: Chatty Monk/Mark IV/Invisible Shirley/Mouse in the House
  • Episode 31/5: Ouija Board/Fountain of Youth/Houston, We Have a Problem/So Long Sing Sing
  • Episode 32/6: Loch Ness Incident/At the Circus
  • Episode 33/7: Sour Puss/Monkey's Paw/First Anniversary/Bagel Boy
  • Episode 34/8: Just a Little Push/The Babysitter/The Meal/Monkey Shines
  • Episode 35/9: Mystery of the Wax Museum/Mouse Trap/The Getaway/The Lodger


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