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Evian Resort Golf Club is a golf course in southeastern France, located in Évian-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie. Overlooking Lake Geneva, it hosts The Evian Championship, formerly "Evian Masters," annually in September. Since 2013, The Evian Championship has been the LPGA Tour's fifth and final major championship. The standard 18-hole course is par 71 at 6,428 yards (5,878 m). The entire course, with a particular focus on the tees, fairways, greens, and bunkers, underwent a $8 million renovation in 2012–13, designed by architect Steve Smyers and European Golf Design.[1] The average elevation of the course is approximately 480 metres (1,575 ft) above sea level. References[edit]

^ Mell, Randall (10 September 2013). "Evian trying to prove status as fifth LPGA major". The Golf Channel. Retrieved 15 July 2014. 

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Coordinates: 46°23′36″N 6°34′08″E / 46.39333°N 6.56889°E / 46.39333; 6.56889

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