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Eutropia (d. after 325), a woman of Syrian origin, was the wife of Emperor Maximian.


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Marriage to Maximian
and their children[edit] In the late 3rd century, she married Maximian, though the exact date of this marriage is uncertain. By Maximian, she had two children, a boy, Maxentius
(c. 276-312), who was Western Roman Emperor
Roman Emperor
from 306–312 and a girl, Fausta
(c. 290), who was wife of Constantine the Great, and mother of six children by him, including the Augusti Constantine II, Constantius II
Constantius II
and Constans. Another daughter?[edit] There is some doubt as to whether Flavia Maximiana Theodora, who married Constantius I Chlorus, was a daughter of Eutropia by an earlier husband, Afranius Hannibalianus[1] or whether she was a daughter of Maximian
by an earlier anonymous wife.[2] Footnotes[edit]

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Royal titles

Preceded by Prisca Empress of Rome 286–305 with Prisca (286–305) Succeeded by Galeria Valeria (wife of Galerius)

Succeeded by Flavia Maximiana Theodora (wife of Constantius Chlorus)

Preceded by Cornelia Salonina Empress-Mother of Rome 306–312 Succeeded by M